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It's Sodium Ascorbate plus bioflavonoids together.... ....and marketed for pets http://www.petnutritioninfo.com/bio-c-pets.html Any reason why I shouldn't get this instead of just plain SA? And take it ourselves?
DS has pneumonia, still...and we are on our second round of abx (no, not my normal way of combating illness, but i feel i don't have a choice with an 8 month old)... What is the correct method? Probiotics at different times of the day than abx? Probiotics once the course of abx is finished? Probiotics for me now to pass thru bm? I don't know, because we have hardly ever had the kids on abx. He has pretty wicked diarrhea from the last course and then a bout with...
we had it with ds3 and loved it. so much less muss and fuss!
Besides working through my fears mentally, homeopathic Gelsemium was a lifesaver for me. I *knew* my anxiety was holding me back from going into labor for a week or so. Taking it (200c strength) instantly calmed me, and I was in labor that night. It is really good to assess your fears and anxieties and understand them - good for you.
my favourite thing is just the cloth/waterproof incontinence pads, like they have in the hospital. they don't feel weird or make noise like waterproof sheets (as a childhood bedwetter, i have a hate for those plasticky covers). the best place i have found them is at Goodwill or Value Village - they are clean, and they are usually $1 or $2 each. we have probably 10 here at home and use them for all kinds of stuff, including post-birth bed protection.
my only real fear with my HB was of pain...i had a tough time with dd and for some reason (even though it was my 4th birth) was nervous about the pain. fyi, homeopathic gelsemium really helped me get over the fear (and by association, get into labor).
we had the vinyl cheapie tablecloths and towels. nice, soft, tablecloth went in the trash, and towels were just easy.
Hey, we did BIE for our two eldest to clear them of several food allergies, and it was successful. Did she check his polarity first? That is important. If his polarity switched or if she hadn't made sure of it first, it would make sense that things might come out pretty wonky. The machine uses acupressure points. http://www.divinewellness.ca/website...IMINATION.html We had dairy (all aspects of dairy), corn, wheat, red #5, tartrazine, fragrances, eggs...ours were...
nycmom, i don't think we've been exposed to many chemicals...but i guess it's possible. i have 4 other kids without skin issues (though they do have a few food allergies). thanks mamas.
no, it started about two months ago. could it be because of abx i took while pg?
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