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Ds (7 mos) has super sensitive skin. I haven't dealt with this before so it is kind of mysterious to me! I already have discovered he is allergic to applesauce (gives him eczema) and fragrances (gives him weird bumps on his arms and legs). This morning he has a bit of the flu, and he vomited on himself, and everywhere the vomit touched he is covered in a bumpy raised red rash It doesn't seem to bother him, though. Is this a bigger problem than just...
So I read this thread, and most of the Hibernation diet thread... ...I can seriously eat a spoonful of honey and CO at night and get skinny?! This must be too good to be true It sounds like a bit of an expensive experiment, though. I'm a little worried about that part. Curious to see how this works out.
i would call the doc or visit if she's really EBF - because she should not be constipated. i was a little concerned about the raw milk (i have drank it while nursing also) but listeria etc can't be passed on thru BM. so that's good.
dd was miserable when i consumed caffeine. gassy and jittery and just cried a lot. i had to go off any kind of caffeinated anything, even chocolate. caffeine stays in their system for something like 14 hours, i think. my 1st 2 ds's were not caffeine sensitive (i love coffee and will have a couple of cups a day) but ds3 was sensitive to it early on. doesn't bother him anymore.
subbing because i need the answer to this too!
just wanted to chime in about chiropractic, and to second dairy - my children got chronic ear infections when given pasteurized dairy as young toddlers. as in, i start them on regular milk at age 1 (i don't do this anymore), and the ear infections start and keep on coming. take child off milk = no more ear infections. worth a try.
Lectures from doctors suck....thankfully we can walk away and shake our heads. weird that he would bring that up during a quick ear check. i bought an otoscope of my own to avoid those visits.
thanks for the great information - we live on a farm and every once in a while I get the fear of tetanus in me. we'll keep the non-bleeding-wound info in mind.
wow, applejuice, that is fantastic I just wish we weren't. I feel bad about passing all that toxic junk on to my own babies...although they are vax-free. Everytime I start to get nervous about having no vaccinations, I read about the diseases they prevent and realize: they don't scare me very much. Only tetanus does, and there is a good treatment for that if I think they have it (immunoglobulin shot). Additionally, I am a nursing SAHM...I feed my kids very good...
We are a vax-free Canadians and have had no trouble with it, other than the occasional lecture from a Dr (even those haven't been too bad).
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