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First, I wouldn't take the ABx, but instead, get some garlic oil from the health food store. Relieves the pain, heals it just as quickly as amoxicillin, and no nursing problems. If you still feel you need to take the antibiotics, take a good probiotic once you're finished the course of drugs. Bio-K is an awesome super strength probiotic.
Yes, engorgement does go away that quickly for some people (me). Enjoy the comfort! As long as you're getting lots of wet and poopy dipes, you're in good shape.
the most amazing thing - catching your own baby. i wanted dh to do it, but it didn't really work out based on where i was and he wasn't really okay with it - so I did - just such a precious moment.
I would guess it means you won't have to push a whole lot. Doesn't necessarily have any bearing on the length of labor. I hope everything goes smoothly for you!
chewable? i wasn't aware there were chewable forms.
How do you do it? My kids will eat just about anything, they are not the type to spit things out, but CLO just isn't flying. I tried a few times last winter, with Carlson's lemon flavor, but they were so grossed out. I can get them to take their blackstrap molasses (for hyperactivity etc) but not CLO. What's your trick? Or have you all raised children who just love the taste? My SIL's kids take it no problem.
muscle testing can be a great tool if done by someone who is skilled! we've had some great results from it. our guy: www.sho-tai.ca
ds is going to catch dd in six months, i think - she's about 23lbs and he's around 18 or 19 at 6 months...
hey - just subbing mostly - we are not an official QF clan...it's always been on our minds, but we are really struggling with the idea of more kids now...dh's family was QF and had 12...and we have a hard time being okay with that happening to us! praying for guidance and grace to get thru the days with 4 kids 5 and under at the moment. 2 m/c's too - so we seem to be extremely fertile! that's with BFing kids 2 and 3 for a year each. dh and i are both 27. looking...
My dd loved having a blanket by her face very early on. By 6 months or so I was laying her down with a soft blanket up to her nose...she was a tummy sleeper so it wasn't actually covering her face. It really comforted her and she settled down very happily then...now I have a 2 yr old with a serious blankie attachment!
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