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Well, it would be available wherever you can get homeopathic remedies, I guess. I got a higher strength from my mw, but she's a pro with homeopathy. Do some research and see whether you think it is the correct remedy - I am not saying it will put you into labor, nor that I think inducing labor is a good idea (esp at just 39 weeks) but it can help relieve anxiety and if that is the mental block keeping you from having your baby, it is better than a shot of pitocin.
took me quite a while to train ds1 that his brother was 'lucas' and not 'yookas'. he just got used to it. write down the funny names because before you know it, they're gone!
sounds like they're from shoes - my dd gets those if she doesn't wear socks with her shoes.
Yep, it's okay to have a late talker - and fyi, ds1 had about six words before age 2, hasn't stopped talking since about 25 months and is now having to do advanced work in his kindy class, so it doesn't necessarily reflect on their development. Both he and dd (21m, with many words) clearly chose not to speak...i knew they had lots going on it there. DD has figured out how to efficiently use words, like yes and no, and won't do sentences.
Quote: Originally Posted by zakers_mama Also he needs my example, I have to say he learned it from my not-so-proud moments in life. So part of me feels like I really can't punish that word cause I've used it. : just wanted to say - it's okay to tell him 'mommy said that word, but i shouldn't have, because it's not a nice word. i'm sorry that i said it to you, and i'm not going to say it to you again. let's both try not to say it anymore'. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by thatblondegirl sorry! lol but i don't really take him to a doctor and i want to know if this is common. he is still breastfed, but only a couple of times a day. i figure that they should be hard poops by now, no? he is growing fine, he doesn't act like he doesn't feel well. but he has never ever had a hard solid poop. is this normal? or should i worry? don't worry. as long as it's not diarrhea, it should be just...
if you're not holding your babe yet....my last experience convinced me that anxiety can hold up labor! my body was so ready to go, but it was my first homebirth - i was excited but nervous about how everything would pan out and how the kids would do and what people would say. I wasn't very 'overdue' (just a week), but ripe as ever and dilated and just so ready. Couple of doses of homeopathic Gelsemium (given to me by mw) and bingo, labor the same day. Gelsemium is for...
Jenny, thanks for your birth control-related post ... that is how I have felt for years but dh and i are struggling with it at the moment - even our pastor feels that bc is not a big deal. and it's scary to be that trusting!
we're a good-sized family now ... 4 little ones 5 and under! i don't know if there will be more - probably not, but never say never! since mine are as close in age as they are it's easy to find activities that work for everyone. what's not easy: getting my house clean! do all of you have an issue with that? mine's not horrible, but i can never get it all clean at once any more.
That is really hard. Our eldest DS, although younger, has gone thru major phases of waking up so grouchy and unhappy. It is so disheartening and discouraging and really gave me a hard time trying to figure out what to do. I simply began to assume that he was just a tough kid and it wasn't going to change. Allergy testing was the answer for us. I had him tested, eliminated his allergens (dairy, sulfites, red and yellow food colouring) and was impressed by the much...
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