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This is a really interesting discussion for me to read - we live in Ontario where most everyone sends their children to junior kindy at age 4. Most kids are in daycare or whatever prior to that. My kids haven't been to daycare or preschool...we tried with ds1 when he was 3 and he didn't like it. He's 5 now, starting school on Tuesday, and he is so ready. He matured, i know he can handle the whole day now, and he's ready to be away from Mommy. Prior to this, he just...
thanks mamas!
I know it's on the web somewhere but I can't find it! Anyone have a link to it?
I have used tightly rolled receiving blankets as sleep positioners with great success. Mommy's arms work great too, like swimswamswum said. For spit up issues, or runny noses etc, I always elevated their mattress, too, when they were not sleeping with me. For ds2 it was on a pretty good angle - just enough to have him not sliding downward.
Any other things seem off? Is her poop still normal? Does she seem to be in pain? Does sound like the acid reflux we had with #2 - chiropractic cured him after 4 months of misery.
Quote: Originally Posted by finn'smama Maybe this will help you out what a cutie Well we will just have to check out these GADs, apparently!
I don't mind them at all and if we lived in a big city ds1 would have been on one. However, I think it's really important to still work on teaching your little one to stay close to Mommy and make sure you develop a method for leash-free safe walking I know that some kids love to run (trust me, I have 2 like that) but they certainly can learn that hand-holding is non-negotiable. When we shop I have 3 little people walking with me all holding the cart or stroller. They...
I love nighten's suggestion.
Just chiming in to say - I don't think that's really underweight either. Ds1 wouldn't have been much more than that at the same age, and he is a normal sized 5 year old now. DD is 19 months and around 20-21lbs. Your ds's diet sounds excellent, and a healthy active toddler might not be really chubby.
Quote: Originally Posted by Citykid I have heard that any kind of naturacaul induction technique causes the baby to pass meconium, which can get you transferred. This rang true for me because, although I didn't use any herbs, the night before I gave birth I ate a Thai curry that I had asked for "extra spicy" (could barely choke it down) and had sex with my husband on purpose to try to induce. Six hours later my water broke with meconium in it, and no...
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