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I LOVE my midwife practice. There are 3 midwifes in the practice I go to. I knew even before I got pregnant that I wanted a midwife that would want as natural a delivery as possible. I had a very long, difficult delivery due to DS's position. 2 of my midwifes were there for a while trying every possible thing they could do to make me progress and not to have a csection. I ended up with no medical pain relief and had a healthy baby with a vaginal birth. I know if I had...
  How do I do a list in Amazon? I can't figure it out!
I want to win a carrier!   I agree with a previous poster. I think my husband would wear our toddler if it had Yankees or Jets symbols on it.
Does anyone know of any children's books that are breastfeeding friendly. Either they talk about breastfeeding  a baby so an older sibling can see pictures or a storybook that doesn't show pictures of bottles. I swear the magazine had a list in like a 2007 or 2008 edition, but I don't remember. Thanks.
I'm in South Central CT/New Haven County.
Love this thread. DS is 6 months and he wakes constantly wherever he is. He used to be a longer sleeper (like 5 hours consistently when he was little). Now he only does one sleep cycle naps (45 minutes tops) and he wake ever hour or 2 at night and that doesn't matter if he's in the bassinette (where he starts the night) or in our bed (where I always bring him in to nurse after I've gone to bed). I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one. I think part of his problem is he's...
Hi ladies. I am new to this board. I have a friend that told me to check it out. I'm from CT and wondering if anyone on here sees a midwife/practice that will let you deliver in a different position (other than the normal lying on your back). I had doula tell us in a health class I took that you could squat or get on all 4s I think. I swear I read on Yale's website a while ago that they allow you do to different positions but I can't find it on there anymore. Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: