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In regard to my previous post. Did need to mention that over the 12 year period have drastically cleaned up my diet too. Just like a previous poster...I agree that is huge!!!
I did a bc pill study in college and was kicked off the study bc I wasn't ovulating regularly. I was told would need to see a doc if ever wanted to conceive. Got married and Had 2 m/c right out of the box. Did a liver cleanse with a naturopath and got pg had 2 m/c again and did the same cleanse and got pg again! Both times on liver cleanses! The next 3 pg were Liver cleanse babies. The long of the short of this is that I personally have been pg 11 times and had 6...
Great book I used when we got a puppy 6 mos before our first baby. Some examples we used to childproof were coming up on the puppy unexpected and grabbing, pinching, pulling all the shile saying good dog and giving praise. Simulates what a child does when playing with a dog. Also around dinner time taking food out of bowl WHILE dog is eating and same thing giving praise. The book is short and easy read with great troubleshooting too. Our "puppy" is now 13 and is not...
There is a GREAT book called IS THIS YOUR CHILD by Doris Rapp. It has pictures similar to some of your sons. You can probably check it out from the library or find it used on Amazon like I did. It helped me diagnose allergies.
Looking to meet moms with kids who are raw vegan. I have 5 girls 12 to 6 mos and live in Cave Creek, AZ.
Looking for Chicken Pox Phoenix area ::
Mary has been at 3 of my births. Highly recommend her. Mary the Midwife Arizona Homebirth Midwife Mother Guided and Birth in Water www.marythemidwife.com
i'm in far north scottsdale...actually cave creek.
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