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My dd didn't laugh until around 4.5 months. I think 14 weeks may be a bit on the early side for laughing, and babbling. I wouldn't worry too much about the milestones though as I found dd would be faster at some and slower at others. If your LO was a preemie - that would affect the rate of achieving milestones. I don't think feeding issues would have an impact. The Baby Book by Dr. Sears had a good chart on developmental achievements at different months.
This is great advice! I just started dealing with this issue and when baby would bite down I would yell out YEE-OUCH and pull away which I guess is the opposite of what to do - LOL!! I will try these techniques next time.
I've got the Beco and my dd is also very heavy. I don't know if it's just because I'm carrying her more lately but my back and shoulders get very sore from it too. I'm pretty sure it is adjusted properly!
The majority of the money goes into a joint account for any bills, expenses or family purchases. Then an equal portion goes into DH's and my personal accounts for discretionary spending. Sometimes we will have to transfer additional funds to the joint if a big purchase or taxes comes around but overall, this system has worked very well for our family.
I flew with my dd when she was 4 months on a 5 hour trip and it went much better than I thought it would! My DH and I got an extra seat for her and we took the carseat. (we didn't take the base though - didn't feel we needed it either). I tried to breastfeed her in the cradle position but she hates that position so I would just lean over and breastfeed her in the carseat and she would go right to sleep!! We also got her new toys that hang from the carseat handle which...
I also sleep with dd on a queen mattress on the floor and DH sleeps in the master bedroom. We often slept apart even before dd came along just because we both got the best sleep that way. I get lots of judgements and "advice" from others when they find out about our sleeping arrangements which I just ignore. To be completely honest, I think separate bedrooms and bathrooms has greatly enhanced our marriage.
I used hypnobabies for my birth and it worked very well. I was in back labour for 45 hours, I wouldn't say it was pain free but definetely manageable. I also used non-focused meditation (I think that's the term??). It's where when the contraction starts you put your awareness to what's outside your body - to items in the room, smells from a candle, as well as your entire body, your breathing, etc.. I tried to be hypnotized before and it didn't work so I didn't...
That is a great idea! I'm going to start doing this with my dd. We will be moving in a few weeks so hopefully this will help her adjust to the new house.
It's nice reading the updates for all your babies! My sweetie is always saying dadadada now. She has said mamama twice but they were both when she was crying!! It seems like she's been teething since 3 months but still no teeth!!
Quote: Originally Posted by spmamma I wish that AP was considered to be the "normal" or "mainstream" way. But mostly, I take secret delight in shocking folks with my crazy ways. :
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