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You're going to love Minimus, Filly! :)
We do SSL here. Next year, we're moving on to Minimus. :)
Mmmm. this is EXACTLY why we left Calvert for a classical education too. It just didn't challenge my kids at all. there are a ton of fabulous math curriculums out there and you can always purchase Calvert's math on its own if you want. We went with Critical Thinking math. I have a friend doing Saxon and that's workbook based too.   Craft, maybe you need to deschool for awhile? Maybe it's just time to take a break and let stuff sink it. Learning to read is a pretty...
I love literary discussions like this!!   My kids love Jack and I think in large part because anti-heroes are easy for children to relate to. My kids want to be "good." They desperately do. But there are just times in their lives when it seems like putting glue on the hardwood floors seems like a good idea!! lol  
I think what Aimee means is that there is an awful lot of "junk" literature right now. We read at least 100 books a week, many form our local library system and I have a generous Amazon budget so we get to view most of the newest literature and there are some really garbage type books for kids. What is up with all the darn farting animals??? It's as if kids (boys particularly since these books are definitely geared to boys) had interest in only one end of veterinary...
Aimee, I totally agree with you on going waaay back to some of the REALLY old classics.   One of the best things we are going to take from this year is a study of fairy tales and their cultural impacts upon the world. For instance, there's a French Sleeping beauty and an Italian Sleeping Beauty. Both end differently and culturally both make me laugh when I read them. The French language is soooo well, florid. It's not just a beautiful day Belle is wandering through....
Craft, I am so proud of you and imagine what your kids are seeing through you - true education NEVER ends!!! How awesome!! And what REAL are you doing? :D   Crunchy, I'm with you. I have a ton of organizing to do. I have to either plan the gardens or prepare to move - I won't know which until next month. lol   Since the math blowup, math has been going so much better. Who knew that they needed me to scream, "Relax and let it flow!!!!" for it to work well....
I think they are an incredibly important foundation for children.
When I die, I am so going to the magical land of woodchucks. :D   Jen
Aimee, I hope if this your grandfather's time that he has a goood passing surrounded by everyone who ever loved him and that your family finds peace in it.
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