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Good morning, everyone!   We had an almost great day at school yesterday. We got  a lot done but I had to yell about the math. For some reason, my kids think math is just plain hard. And it's not - I've deliberately kept math fun (toys! manipulatives! candy for counting!) and they are only working on the K books. For crying out loud, it should be the easiest part of our school. We're doing 2nd-3rd grade science here and Latin!   Alright. I'm letting it go....
We've all gotten so quiet after the holidays. Everyone ok? Half of you have new babies so I guess that's expected. :)   Tomorrow we return to our weekly science and history day. I'm really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things!!! 
We managed to get some work done today.   Now I'm photocpying this awesome book for history that the library is going to make me return. :( But it's so cool and there are no copies in the world anymore!!!   Tomorrow will be a day to catch up on all history we're behind in. Oh, the kids have so much to look forward to!! :D
Good afternoon!   I have no idea if this post will go through or not. MDC is giving my computer FITS.   We're still here and i try to read you all everyday.   I'm recovering from a terrible cold so we've had a light week.
We're classical based so we're structured but we definitely have periods of relaxation. :)
Good morning!   My best friend is coming up today to spend the weekend with us and then our holiday season will be pretty much over. I'll have one more gathering with family sometime this winter but school is going to be back in session around here!! We dropped down to everything but reading and grammar and a little math every once in awhile here during the holidays. And it felt like we took the entire month off until we turned around and looked back at all we did....
We started with Calvert and liked it for 2-3 months. But it was sooooo boring and so much of it didn't pertain to our lives. It had schoolish stuff like what to do in case of a fire at night that's simply not relevent to our lives. (Mom and Dad are next to you!) And we found the math tried too hard to be "fun" and was not where we were at. The kids liked gluing things to the math page but they were so far beyond recognizing this is the number one that they were bored.  
Welcome Mmmmm   We started out with Calvert so good to have you here. :)
MLW,   CONGRATS!!!! I cannot wait to hear all about her. :)
Crunchy, was it you who asked about the Lyrical science? I do like it! the CDs are very cute and information is still in my head. :)   Last week was a wash because we had some yuck sickness and this week is going to be not much better because I'm cooking and cleaning. I also don't *feel* like doing formal schooling right now. Is that normal for this time of year? I feel like I've lost my groove.  
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