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MLW, we did squat today too and frankly, we did squat yesterday. I'm on a roll around here. Hey, there are just going to be some "squat" days. Goodness only knows, I had enough of THOSE in school.   I'm waiting for my last set of Lyrical Science books and CD. I've ordered the next batch of math and grammar boooks. I'm getting ready for next year! But that's it.   I've got to start some Thanksgiving stuff but that's probably going to be it for the week. Meh. We'll...
This is one of two science programs we use. We like it. It's certainly easy to find the required books since they are all in print so far and cheap to buy if the library system doesn't have them.
We're going to be doing a full day of school today because we're heading out of town to my parents' for 2 days. Grammy's dying to see our history and science so we'll take those with us and maybe we'll make Grammy do school tomorrow!!   Anyone have anything exciting planned for the weekend?   MLW, we are going to be all over pond water next spring. We probably should get some next week and comapre it to what we find in the spring too. Huh. Another project!
I find the new format strange but the only thing I know is that when we all get used to it and fall in love with it, it'll change again. At least we've found each other!!   Crunchy, what are you doing? Do you have people coming for Thanksgiving? Are you having enough chocolate beaks?   Cherry, I look forward to watching you shop in February.
Awesome!   Jen
Isn't it funny how "socialization" applies to the mamas as much as the kids when it comes to the practice of it?? Didn't the bulk of the homeschool co-op moms go to school? What the heck happened?? They are supposed to be socialized.   I dropped out of our larger group as far as weekly stuff is concerned. Find some other "outcast" mamas. Odds are, you're not the only one rather disenchanted. I made a core group of two other mamas and we are tight. We go to the...
Good morning, everyone!   I've missed you all. We had some yuck in life to deal with and as frequently happens, it's not as much yuck as we feared.   MLW, I cannot believe how fast your babe is coming. I remember joining the thread and thinking, "Well, THAT'S a long way off." No, it's not! Exciting and busy time for you!!   We won't be taking Thanksgiving or Xmas breaks. We won't be fussy about how much gets done but we're not taking days or weeks off. The...
Mr. Popper's Penguins is in my 1001 books so it's on my waiting list at the library!! We did reading and a little science today. I'm having a hard time getting the kids to settle down. (It might have something to do with me letting them have some candy while I read this morning! ) We NEED to do our cell drawings because tomorrow. We're moving on in science. We're a little behind. We read about one of the early fathers of paleontology (sp? that doesn't look...
I think you could do classical at any time but it might be easier for all of you if you started it earlier so that your children are used to a rigorous education. It depends upon how "relaxed" you really are right now.
Good morning! It's library day for us. We leave in an hour. Mama, we are loving REAL science and my friend found it used on ebay for about $10. It was missing a couple of pages but luckily they were from the time period where the lessons are free on the net.
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