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Jessica, I am in agreement with you. Why not sell the rights before you quit if there are still people interested?? I'm glad things are going better for you, Cherry!
It's November so I threw Latin in today. This is going to be just fine!! Jessica, I'm lusting after your Noble Knights. I'd sell my crabby DS to get that.
MLW, Living Memory showed up today! Very, very cool. Thanks for the recommendation. We've mastered Caterpillar so it's time to move on. We're having a relaxing day here. It was supposed to be 40 but it's closer to 60 and that's rare enough that I think everyone just needs to be outside. We saw a praying mantis and to see that in November is pretty cool!
Thanks for the fresh start, Crunchy! We got a hard frost last night so my kids are outside in their new snowsuits, running through the crunchy grass! We'll have breakfast when they come in and then get to it. That book about 1001 children's books has been amazing. I've given two copies to my best friend and my Mom becuase it's so good. Add that your Xmas/Yule/Hannukah lists everyone!
I killed the thread again!!
Great. You all are getting more Waldorfy and I'm getting more classical. I'm always offbeat!! I don't know what it is about school lately but they just don't want to stop EVER. And they are always saying, "Mom, can we add that to the list to study?!?" Whatever this is, they have a ginormous love of studying right now so I'm going to run with it - despite the fact that it is exhausting for me! We're in first grade and doing first and second grade science a'la WTM. We're...
Crunchy, how are things at your house? Did you decide to take a break? Oh Cherry, what's the weather like there? Can you throw your DD outside with a bunch of washable paint and some big paper? I'm not a crafty type person either but I do get some stuff from orientaltrading.com. They have little kits (and some are pretty inexpensive!) for crafts with instructions and everything you need. The party was a BLAST yesterday. And DD finally gets it when it comes to ToTing....
Here's my voice of dissent, Rana: We use the paper HO version because I make notes on it (I keep track of what we read) and I can haul my three ring binder with me to the bookstore and the library and my friend's house when we do stuff there. I do the same for science now too. Today was a big errand day and tomorrow isn't going to be much better either because it's our party and our first ToTing outing. I've got a great witch costume!
MLW, we read Scranimals tonight! Geez, thanks for making me try to pronounce toucanemones! A book my daughter loved tonight was Cinderella Skeleton. And congrats on getting science knocked off! The Amazon books I have coming are: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/096...ef=oss_product which is the Trivium book I mentioned and http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/078...ef=oss_product which I haven't mentioned yet but am DYING to see what's in it. If the Trivium book is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Leersia Well, I'd love to hear how these other programs are working out for you! I ordered some Singapore stuff today, mainly because the investment is not too bad, but I just really wonder if it will be the right thing. I'm tempted to just skip a curriculum for the rest of the year and cobble some other things together, but my lack of confidence of time will probably prevent this. . . I'm about 87% happy with the...
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