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And we switched to Critical Thinking. This is going to turn into a thread for RSM survivors.
Crud. My DS was a pain today. It's contagious! DS was my own fault. I let him play on the computer first but I was frantically rushing aorund trying to take care of the rabbits before this giant wind storm blew in. (And for us, it's turned into some breeziness but nothing too extreme yet. Now watch the roof blow off my house tonight!! ) Ds was forced outside today before the rain came and because he was a bit of a tantruming creep, he only got outside for about 3...
Good morning everyone! Last night was one of those crazy late night math nights for us. We also knocked off a FLL lesson, MLW. We're rescuing a tortoise today! So, nature work for us.
That "gifted" label drives me NUTS and I have a kid with an official medical diagnosis of it. Stupid freaking system... I don't see how/why a classical education wouldn't work for ALL children. If it works for my firecracker DD, it would/could work for anyone. I feel the same way you do, Craft. We did reading and math today. We're about to crack into history and finish this week's lesson up. I also did quite a bit of winterizing outside AND processed several...
For sensory stuff in the winter, we now have a big hill for sledding right out the front door. Come over, everybody! And we also have this giant plastic pillow (like 8 feet by 6 feet) that the kids LOVE to jump on. It always ends when a kid crashes into the wall but hey, life isn't perfect... We took a mental day yesterday and only did reading stuff. We'd earned it though and today, we're back on track.
I think we'll probably go for further evaluations sometime, Kitty but for my DS - OT was complete BS. I should do more research though about when we should look into stuff. He is 5 and able to keep up with his sister in first grade pretty easily. Reading is coming harder to him but I don't know how much of that is just that he might not be ready yet... I do wish someone would send me that personalized parenting directory for my kids someday soon though!! (Wouldn't that...
MLW, this week has been all about SOCIALIZATION for you. That's all. Bonus points for "socialized" kids to you. Craft, my DS is my math lover too. He now signs his numbers and adds them before he falls asleep at night. And I often hear him quietly counting numbers to himself. Whatever my DS has is tied to his speech. We did go the DX route before I gave up 3 years ago and he ended up with SPD, autsim spectrum - probably PDD-NOS, and speech dyspraxia. He says "me"...
Craft, I'll sit here with you and ponder whether or not to seek out professional help with our kids. DS seems to have really similar issues to your DD. The environment has to be utterly PERFECT for him to read well. And then I'll raise you a kid who completely mirror writes but only sometimes as well. And has anyone here read SWB's book for classical education and grownups?
MLW, I would really like a third child but reading about being 8 months pregnant AND homeschooling makes me want to take a nap. Maybe if I was an unschooler... I don't know how you do it!!!
We started AP a year ago MLW, and then just dropped it because Calvert had so much "stuff" to do. We had a great time at the pumpkin patch/mazes. But I'm tired now. School tomorrow for sure.
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