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We call it the labia around here. DD understands there's a vagina in there somewhere. sometimes, she calls it her "privacy." But she's fallen out of that since mama got so testy about not having enough privacy to make a poopie of her own.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephandOwen As I said above, director wasn't there. It was the assistant director who made the call not to call an ambulance. As I wrote above, I'm familiar with wheezing. So you are familiar with wheezing in YOUR child at 4 months but previously this child hadn't been wheezing? Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't really care who was in charge or where the director was at that particular moment, this...
This is a 4 month old baby who was wheezing, had a fever, vomitted, and had diarrhea? May I ask why on earth your childcare director didn't call an ambulance?? Unless you think the 4 month old baby was have difficulty breathing because he was seeking attention ( ), an ambulance should have been called and that baby should have received medical care immediately. There is something a little off about the director of this daycare center.
I feel sorry for your MIL in that she has such low expectations for how men treat her. My DH and I made a rule when we got together. I handle my parents. He handles his. We each get to decide the amount of contact between our extended families and us. And each of us confronts our own parents when they've crossed a line. Your DH needs to ovary up and tell his mom to knock it off next time she's around. What a horrible thing for your DD to hear! Would your DH want...
Tha happened to me when I waitressed at a Village Inn years ago. I simply told the manager that I didn't need bussers and would not be tipping them out at the end of the night until the theif/theives was found. That pretty much ended it. Our bussers weren't the best and the turnover was laughable though. I always preferred cleaning my own table because I know that sitting down at a dirty table sets a bad tone for the rest of the meal.
I got a Pony castle for DD last year for Xmas and did end up getting some furniture that I had to mpay too much for but WHEW! Whatever would have happened if we hadn't?? We've moved onto Samatha, the retiring AG dool here now. Jen
Ok, I want the cranberry relish recipe please! I'm done preserving for the year. Now I'm onto shopping for equipment and garden planning. I want to make more tomato stuff next year. So I'm trying to narrow it down on heritage tomato breeds and having a HARD time. I think I've got it down to 16 breeds but that's a few too many. I want the best tasting sauces and salsas. Any advice? Jen
The zoo has trick or treating that is more appropriate for 3-4 year olds. Our downtown has trick-or-treating that is more appropiate for 3-4 year olds. My feeling is that the night belongs to the older kids and the oldler kids generally like being scared. And I have a sensitive 3 and a 4 year old. We did all of the above this year. But we're also atheist-leaning pagans who discuss death a lot. I did explain to my kids prior to leaving on the night ToTing that...
Hate-mongering groups NEVER get my money. Ack!
In my family, it would be the care of the pet that would be the primary determining factor. I do have a friend whose cat has been on dialysis for a year. And although I love my cats dearly, I would let my cat go peacefully rather than do something like that to them. It's not like you can sit down with the cat and say, "Hey, I know this hurts but it's making you healthier over the long haul." I wouldn't do something to a pet that I'd hesitate to do to a human. I once...
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