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I got my flow back at 3 months, even though I was breastfeeding around the clock! I got a copper IUD. It has worked great and was painless to go in. I guess after birth it is much less painful and problematic. My periods are a little heavier, 5 days instead of 3, and a bit more cramping... but pretty minimal. I am really happy with it. In Europe it is way more normal, I hear, and it is only the USA that makes it seem so dangerous or untrustworthy. Also planned parenthood...
I have some beautiful natural colored woolens for my baby... but we live outdoors a lot and they get dirty so fast! I would like to dye them a deep color. Any suggestions for safe, non-toxic dyes I can use on wool? Thanks. 
I had lots of kefir during pregnancy: about 2-4 cups a day, made with raw goats milk. I never had an ill effects from it, and it was the best middle of the night snack when I would wake up starving. 
i've made lots of ice cream with fresh raw cream skimmed off my milk and it has turned out wonderfully. good luck. 
i have a total blender, not as well known as the vitamix, but actually more powerful and a little less expensive. still, it is a major purchase. i've had mine for 4 years and it is awesome. i wouldn't worry about the plastic... the amount of time your food is in contact with it is pretty minimal and it is super hard grade stuff. but if you like you can also have an old fashioned blender and you can screw on a mason jar as your blending container. i used to do that a lot to...
my family is facing a similar situ. we are looking at getting a yurt this summer. we found a regional yurt maker that uses all salvaged materials. but a good army/canvas tent could work well too. i have lived in a regular tent and even the best tent will only last 3-4 months with constant use. I've lived in a tepee also. just depends what is available in your area and how handy your man and you are!! good luck!
I was so of the school: wait as long as possible, maybe past a year, and all that!!! Ha Ha... my little one got her first tastes just past 5 months. I was eating a plate of organic orange slices and she grabbed for them. I cut a smaller piece and let her pick it up herself. she sucked the juice off her fingers and kept protesting if she dropped it. In the next few days I let her try some other organic fruits: apricot, pear, and cantalope. She self fed all of them, meaning...
wow!! this is an awesome idea. pee is sterile so no problem putting that in the laundry. i think i'll skip the #2 for now, but try using cloth for #1. we have piles of flannel receiving blankets that we are not using any more. I have used cloth for menstrual pads for 15 years and i would never do it any other way. we are down to our last roll of tp, so i guess this is the day to start! LOL
got my period back at 3 months. luckily i noticed i was ovulating at 2 1/2 months. so early!! just to let anyone know who is wondering it can happen. i bf exclusively, but my lo was sleeping 4-5 hours through the night, and that could be why it came back so soon. i would like to space my second one out by 3 years... back to FAM for us!
i am 3 1/2 months postpartum and my period returned 2 weeks ago. Ugh!! Even though I am full-time breastfeeding. So back to Fertility Awareness Method. I am thinking of getting an ovuscope to help. Has anyone used one with FAM and had good success?? I am super fertile.
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