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oh, my dd is 3 1/2 months and has slowly stopped nursing my left breast, now it is looking so much smaller. I am not so worried about lopsideness, though guess i will be eventually, but more is she getting enough on just the right??? She has had great weight gain, but that was with some left side too. Anyone have suggestions or reassurances?? Thanks!
I appreciated these boards so much during my last weeks so wanted to thank all the mamas out there for posting and connecting. Salila Aria was born January 2nd at home. It was an incredible experience. Excruciating and hard, and we made it! 6 1/2 hours of labor after an herbal, nipple stimulation induction as her hind waters had broken. Amazingly though she was born in the caul, in an intact sac. My husband caught her and opened the sac after her head was born, and...
I agree with the gift idea. She gave you a gift of her time and energy and there was no financial agreement, so it makes sense that she wasn't counting on that. A really thoughtful gift would seem to be a beautiful recognition of her care, and would be within your means. Sometimes handmade gifts especially are worth so much more than money as well. just my 2 cents!
I lost my mucus plug 12/24, but I think it was precipitated by an internal exam by my midwife. I'm due 12/31 according to my calculation and a 25 week U/S. I feel so ready for this baby. I have been feeling waves of emotion today, like I am experiencing all the trauma/heaviness from my own birth and my DH's as well. I am feeling discouraged. I think it is a clearing though... and my usual habit of knitting when I'm emotionally charged isn't available, as i get numb fingers...
Gorgeous pictures! What an amazing birth, sounds like all the urging it along worked out! Thanks so much for sharing.
I'm in!
I'm on my second year of keeping bees in a top bar hive. I love it! The hive is beautiful and very simple to work with. I have developed my own way of working with the bees, though I read several books at first. Our bees are kept in town, in our back yard. They have forage nearly year round (northern california, inland) so we never feed them and also we leave plenty of honey through the winter so for the few months when there is no forage they have stores to fall back...
What an amazing story! Thanks so much for sharing. It is inspiring to hear about all the supportive people that surrounded you and how much everyone respected your wishes. Enjoy your new baby!
I am playing my "labor" music today! Okay, I am feeling... December 31st, 7 lbs, 6-12 hour labor... but I am READY anytime little one... oh, the oxytocin is flowing already. I am grinning all the time...
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