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I am right here with you mamas! I am 39 weeks as of yesterday. Sex in the morning, raspberry tea, and keeping all the good vibes around me...! I am really excited... I finished my last "need to get done" project, making a mattress for a basket bassinet. Now just to chill out and enjoy the ride. Wohoo!
So Inspiring! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on your Peaceful, Beautiful Birth.
i lost my mucus plug yesterday in a few sizable globs, tannish colored, actually looked like a plug! I was stoked. I called my MW and she let me know it is not a sign of labor. Ouch! Anyhow, I am happy to see it and it made me feel progressy. I am 38+ weeks. Baby is at +1 position and 80% effaced. I am so READY!!
My MW did a cervical check and came up with a bloody few fingers (sorry for the gross image). She was a little freaked out, but determined it was my cervix being sensitive and bleeding. That could be the same situ for you? I don't know. I also lost my mucus plug 2 days later. I am 80% effaced. I wondered if losing the plug was partially related to the fingers in the cervix!
I keep being drawn to lotus birth. It isn't a "plan" yet. But I am keeping the option open for myself. My husband is into it if it lasts 3 days or less! Lol!
LOA, it took me a while to get the acronyms too! They are not easy to understand. But I finally got it! LOA: She is on my left side, her occiput (ie back of her head) is facing my anterior (ie the front of me, my belly). If her occiput faces my spine that would be OP = occiput posterior. Generally LOA is the ideal position for babies, but babies change position and can change position up to the last minute too.
I'm at 37 weeks. I went to a breastfeeding support group run by a lactation consultant. I was the only preg woman, with 6 moms with babes 6 wks to 4 months. It was excellent. I learned a lot just being around all the breastfeeding mamas and the leader had everyone share some advice with me, which was very helpful. I think a group or talking to people in person gives you a different type of information than a book. Both are great if you have access.
I make a quart and drink it all day, and some the next day if I haven't finished it. I am drinking nettle alternately. !!
Stevia!!! I add a few leaves to my raspberry leaf tea and it makes a huge difference. You can get some at the health food store, crushed up like herbal tea or other forms. It is very sweet, but earthy tasting at the same time, and doesn't have the effect of sugar at all.
I love the Blue Canoe Jane's Plus Bra. It is really soft, organic cotton and spandex and so comfy. I haven't used it for nursing yet, so we'll see how it goes. You pull it aside, rather than drop down the front part.
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