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30 lbs at 37 weeks.
I have been irritated for 2 days now. Cramping like menstrual cramps. Waddly walk. ... No interest in sex. Baby feels like a huge stone in my belly at night. She keeps poking me with her feet/knees/hips and it hurts! I think she is getting tight in there. What feels best right now is being in water. We are both bouyant and less gravity bound. I had a cranial sacral treatment yesterday and my therapist encouraged me to "go with the flow" and not be too bound to schedules...
skullcap tincture in some water 30 minutes before I go to bed helps and is safe for pregnancy. Also taking a warm bath and then jumping (well, rolling) right into bed sometimes helps.
oh, baby has dropped a bit more. I went for a walk and felt a buzzing on my cervix the whole way. Quite trippy feeling! I am due Dec 31st, and wondering if this little one is giving me a hint that she is thinking of coming sooner!! Anyone else having this sensation?
My little one is moving a lot less, and more undulating, than big movements. I found when I take a bath though and am weightless lying on my back in the tub, she also seems to have more buoyancy and starts bopping around like crazy! It is quite entertaining.
I had only one U/S at 25 weeks. It was helpful for me to see that my baby was doing well, to see where the placenta is, the length of the cervix and that all of her organs were functional. From all the research I did, I found that multiple U/S (like more than 10) have been linked to developmental problems. Basically, it seems that the high frequency microwaves of an U/S can create tiny pockets of air in tissue and halt development. Well, that is my very lay person...
I am in my 3rd trimester and just discovered a wonderful classic book by Jeannine Parvati Baker. Prenatal Yoga and Natural Childbirth. She began the whole prenatal yoga movement and I found her book and the series of poses really unique and helpful. Also if you have any local yoga teachers teaching prenatal yoga, I would check it out. It is really nice to do yoga with a room full of pregnant woman. It is one of my favorite times of the week. Good luck!
My little one dropped down the day before thanksgiving. I am 34-35 weeks and was surprised it happened this soon. I keep thinking it means I'll deliver sooner. Anyone have a babe drop down at this time and still go to the due date or overdue??
I had my sweetie check last week (34 weeks). It was very soft, mushy and I really couldn't distinguish the os. He was really sweet and at first, not feeling my cervix as it would normally be, thought that my g-spot was my cervix!! The g-spot by the way is really swollen. I am really glad to hear this is likely normal, the soft, mushy cervix, as this being my first pregnancy I wasn't sure what it meant.
I love to mix RRL with fresh mint and a few leaves of stevia for sweetness. From all I have read chamomile is fine. It is relaxing and does make you pee though.
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