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63.2kg (139.3lb)
It is quite safe for most women to breastfed throughout pregnancy. The rare exception is the woman at risk of pre-term labour who's contractions are brought on by nipple stimulation. If you have no history of pre-term labour you should be fine. Also, our amazing bodies always produce milk suitable for the youngest babe we're feeding :-) You will start producing colostrum again in either late pregnancy or as soon as your baby is born and then continue to produce milk...
I really like the danamadeit kids shorts tutorial/pattern at the moment. It has a plain elastic waist or a flat-front, which are equally easy, and back and front pocket options. I also used the back pocket template to do cargo pockets on one pair, which worked well.
Don't forget that you and your baby will synchronise sleep cycles so you will be rising to wakefulness as s/he does. I was amazed with my first DD that I could go from what seemed to me to be a sound sleep to instant wakefulness with no sound from her. I would open my eyes to find her silently gazing at me. It didn't always happen like that, there were plenty of bleary, half-awake rumblings when she stirred but I've never not woken up. Unless you plan to sleep with both...
Thought I would pop in and update. Things have been a lot better. I have been focusing heavily on loving her and respectful communication and requiring very little of her aside from safety and respect issues. Ive also been trying to remember to pray each day for patience with her. She has been very responsive. One of the really positive things about her is her generosity of spirit and willingness to forgive. It is a great character trait but I also feel sad that she wants...
12/52 - the third pair of short for DD1. Plain denim with a turtle patch on the left leg. Now to decide on my next project. Either more shorts for DD2 or their Easter rabbits probably.
Pre-children, I had a daytime sleep nearly every day. If I worked an early shift, 7-3:30, meant getting up at 5:30-6, then I would be wrecked by 5pm. If I didn't have to get up at 5:30 the next morning I would often come home and have a sleep. If I did have to get up early, I'd push through and go to bed early.When I only had one child, I would often sleep with her during the day. Now I have two and the oldest doesn't have a daytime sleep everyday so it's harder. And, also...
Yes, it's a lovely style. I love that blue and white one. Patch pockets, or with a button down flap, might be nice too, either a matching or in a contrast colour. My 3yo is very into pockets.
For short periods I have been able to. On a couple of occasions I have worked permanent night shift. I don't think it's healthy for me though and there was no option for me to do just evening shifts, which probably would have been better. Now I have early-bird children and, when I work I will only be doing day shifts so I can be with them at night.
I thought that too, before I even scrolled down and read your comment. I do like the giant ric rac braid though. I think the centre one would be lovely without the snail. The other two, I don't think they can be helped
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