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Spanish rice (takes 20mins) wrapped in flat bread with sour cream, grated cheese and avocado (if you have it). Flat bread with chopped tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, spinach tossed in a dressing with grilled haloumi, tinned tuna or chick peas. We add fetta to the tuna/chick pea variations. Pasta with sautéed onion, garlic, zucchini/capsicum/brocolini, toasted flaked almonds, fetta and Parmesan.
Oh yes, I forgot about honey.
Because of allergies? I think the advice now is not to delay any foods (except choking hazards) unless there is a family history of allergies.
10 & 11/52 - two pairs of shorts for DD2. So she can dress like her big sister does :-)
My 3yo so had one persistently enlarged lymph node on her neck. We had it ultrasounded - normal. Then it just disappeared a few weeks later. I think, as PPs have mentioned, they often do take a long while to go down. Also kids mostly get upper resp infections so those are the nodes always being stimulated and, because they are quite shallow on the neck, it's easy for us to see them. I would always suggest getting it checked out but in an otherwise well child, it's likely...
I agree, it's virtually impossible to prevent colds running through the whole household. And, unfortunately second, third etc, babies are probably going to get more bugs because they have older siblings to catch them from. My oldest DD didn't get sick for the first time until after her first birthday. DD2 had her first cold when she was only a few months old :-(
i guess it depends on what the circumstances are in which you see him in person. If it's just drop-offs and pick-ups with your son it's probably not a great opportunity to talk. Also, an email gives him a chance to read it and think about it without feeling pressured.
Not sure about EWCM. I think it is mostly associated with ovulation. I'm not sure that there are any other circumstances in which you would produce it. It is more likely that you would have a period without ovulating than ovulate without a period. Just breastfeeding alone won't cause you to ovulate but not menstruate. I haven't noticed any milk changes with my periods. My periods are lighter, less painful and less often while breastfeeding. I have gone from a 29-33 day...
The LH surge typically happens 24-36Hrs before you ovulate so you were probably ovulating around the time you had sex with the second guy. Sperm can live for up to 5 days but the conditions need to be optimal. The average life of sperm is much shorter than that. I can't put a percentage on it, I don't think there is anyway to calculate one, but I think there is a reasonable chance that the second guy is the father.
63kg (138.9lb) A milestone for me. This was my pre-pregnancy weight for both girls. Another 8kg before it reach my ultimate goal of 55kg, which was my long-term adult weight before I lost a lot due to sickness and then gained due to rebound and also being in a happy relationship where we both enjoy cooking and eating :-) We're both losing that weight now and feeling very good about it. IsaFrench, getting your rings out is a very cool reward. I would be excited about that...
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