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Done. It's probably too late now but there were a couple of questions I found a bit hard to answer accurately and which may pose similar problems for other mothering respondents. 1. No "still breastfeeding" option in the 3-5yo questionnaire 2. The section on punishing my child. One of the questions was if I threaten punishment, how often do I follow through and deliver. I don't punish my children so I neither threaten nor follow through. But the "never" option makes it...
Ours is not on a timber deck but only because we don't have one. I have no idea how far it is from the walls of the house but it is under the verandah roof. Both my parents and my brother have theirs on a timber deck within 10' of the wall of the house. Neither of them flame though, they are just gas burners, similar to a gas stove, with a plate over the top. As long as you keep the grease catcher clean, I can't see much difference between this and a gas stove.
You could use bedrails. If you're concerned about your partner moving around you could sleep in the middle and have babe on the outside between you and the rail.
I voted other. Both girls have DH's last name as their last name on their birth certificates and my last name as their second middle name. However, I use both names, unhyphenated, as my last name so people often do the same with them as well.
63.5kg (140lb) this morning. A small loss. I feel like my eating is getting back on track though. I was just looking at some notes I made and I have lost 13kg in the last 16 months. I'm hoping the slow pace will help me keep it off once I reach my goal. Good luck to everyone else this week.
I agree with the PPs. I have a 3.75yo and a 16mo. The 3.75yo happily spends time with my parents, including fairly regular sleepovers, but we spent a lot of time all of us together before she was ready for that. We go to them, they come to us, we go out for walks etc. We are doing the same with DD2. She has actually been minded by them a couple of times when I had a medical appointment but we don't yet do it regularly just for fun. She isn't ready for that yet. I also...
I hope this doesn't make me an accessory after the fact http://blogs.abc.net.au/sa/2009/05/how-to-have-you.html
The fourth trimester is just what you did for the first two weeks but extended until 4-6months. The girls were on one of us constantly unless we were changing/bathing them or they were in the car seat. And they slept with us in bed, either on or next to us. We wore them a lot for practical reasons but also spent plenty of time just sitting and holding them too, especially in the early days or frequent feeds and changes :-) I loved it. It is pretty full-on and intense but...
You can do a high back carry in a wrap as early as you like. You just need to make sure the wrap is up over their shoulders to give them good support. Google newborn back carry for tutorials. You can't do a back carry at any age in a stretchy wrap though. If they arch back they can fall out backwards. I did anything I could do standing up as long as it didn't involve toxic chemicals or the risk of burns. Some people have a blanket no cooking rule but I feel comfortable...
A few months is a bit long but you could try Googling mesenteric adenitis.
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