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For accommodation in Cairns I'd suggest something on the Esplanade. That is also where the main restaurant strip and tourist hub is as well so you'll be able to walk to eat and most tours will pick up from your hotel. I don't have any particular insights into quality but I can talk about location if you let me know which ones your considering. The Cape Trib tour sounds good. My BIL & SIL did a Barefoot Tours day tour of the tablelands and really enjoyed it. It been 30...
Went for another 30 minute walk today. At least half of which involved pushing DD1 in the pram (30kg combined weight) and carrying DD2 (12kg). DD1 kept saying "can we do another steep hill? I like doing really steep hills."
If you're really worried about it you could get it tested. Our house is on the cusp (built in 1984, but we're in Australia so it may be different) so we had testing done as part of our pre-purchase inspection. I think to get someone to come out, collect samples and do the tests was about $150.
I can only answer for myself re the no stroller question. We do have a pram but we rarely use it. I also wouldn't run with any baby in a carrier, newborn or not! I don't think anyone would. But not all mothers run and some may use their run time as alone time and leave the kids with dad for that hour. I also wouldn't advocate using a carrier if it were going to exacerbate a health condition. Although, depending on the condition I would probably suggest people give it a try...
I think it would depend on what "mentally unstable" actually meant. If it was an acute psychotic episode or something similar with an identifiable and treatable cause and my partner was committed to maintaining the treatment regime forever then I would certainly not rule it out. If "mentally unstable" means personality disorder, drug addiction with no motivation for change or something similarly intractable then, no, I like to think I would not stay. I guess it would...
13, 14, 15, 16/52 - four pairs of shorts for DD2. Enough clothes for now. I'm going to start their Easter rabbits and a baby quilt for my niece/nephew, due in May.
63.9kg (140.9lb) The weather is a bit cooler here now. I was able to put DD2 in the pram and go for a 30 minute walk while DH took DD1 to kindy this morning. I don't really have a goal for this challenge. 60kg would be good though.
Here is the co hand review for bed rest to prevent pre-term labour. Insufficient evidence but not currently recommended. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/store/10.1002/14651858.CD003581.pub2/asset/CD003581.pdf?v=1&t=hsa526fg&s=7dcc666b694985e08dc3ca1ecc4360c59f87eca0
Ha ha! That reminds me of the episode of the Vicar of Dibley after Alice has her first baby. The vicar asks her how the BFing is going. She says "oh it's lovely! Especially now that I know I don't actually have to eat grass to make milk."
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