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I agree with PPs - as long as possible. It's safer for everyone to rear-face, it's just, you know, tricky to drive that way ETA - I would *love* a car seat which rear-faced to 45lb. We bought the seat with the longest rear-facing limit in Australia when DD1 was born and it was only 12kg (26.5lb). We made it to 2y3mo with her.
It doesn't sound like she is a good fit with you. Speaking as a midwife, I think she is taking a reasonable stand on all the issues you mentioned (with the possible exception of the Doppler; it is considered the good standard these days but she could use a stethoscope). However, it does sound like her interpersonal skills a pretty poor. If you want to stick with her, I would ask her to be very specific about what care she intends to provide during labour. Not vague answers...
Our Beco Gemini is number one, no question. Second might be the change table my dad made. Controversial, I know, but it's the thing we use most apart from the carrier, it's great for storing all the nappies, wipes, wraps etc in one place and I've never once had a sore back changing a nappy :-)
Knitted dishcloths or cleaning cloths? Would that work with t-shirt material?
Are you doing resting in bed leg and breathing exercises? They are really important to help prevent pneumonia and DVTs and will help a little bit with retaining muscle mass as well.
I wouldn't ask someone to turn the TV off if I was a visitor in their home but, yes, I felt strongly about my babies not watching TV. It was a big change for me when DD1 was born. I had been a TV-for-company person until then. Neither of them had more than incidental TV (waiting rooms, shops etc) until after 1yo. DD1 hated the car seat so at some point after she was 18mo, I can't remember when exactly, we started letting her watch the iPhone in the car to stop her...
You don't need to lie flat after a spinal block. Maybe you did 18 years ago (? different technique) but you definitely don't now. I have had two caesars and am currently breastfeeding a 3.75yo and a 15mo. With both girls I had them skin-to-skin and feeding within 10 minutes. I just ripped the centre of my gown and opened it up. Then either DH or the midwife helped me unwrap them and put them on my chest. Once they were positioned they were pretty secure. I had both of...
Some charity shops around here will take unwearable clothes and sell them in large bags, to mechanics etc, for rags. If you make pillows or soft toys maybe they could be cut up for stuffing. Other than that, I'd probably just throw them out.
I'm in again. The last challenge was a bit of a bust for me too. Hoping to make more consistent progress this time.
I need to explore CINO more. I've seen some guest posts of hers on a few blogs I think.I also like the Birch Organic Fabric blog for patterns/tutes.
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