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Congrats! That is a beautiful story. What a great OB you had!
Absolutely beautiful......thank you for sharing
I've described it to my DH as how a gas bubble feels when it works it's way up but that it's such an amazing feeling because it's a baby. The difference between what we feel inside and what someone can feel when they put their hand on your tummy is like moving your tongue around the inside of your cheek and feeling the outside with your hand. Does that make sense?
s: I'm sorry you are so stressed. You will make it! I agree that all of this will be worth it in a few short months.
:raises hand: I feel that way. I don't feel sexy at all but I do feel beautiful. I think it's because I think all pregnant women look beautiful. My body is doing the most amazing thing known to man.....creating another man. How much more beautiful is that? Sexy......no I sure don't but powerful and strong....yes!
Great slideshow! Thanks for sharing.
Congratulations! What a wonderful story!
Wow....you are the woman! Congratulations.
Beautiful! Thank you and congratulations.
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