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Wow, that's some impressive doubling
And to think that all of those complications are preventable simply by not having unnecessary surgery done... It is just so sad
I'm working on cutting soda out of my life too. I keep motivated by thinking about how many calories I'm saving by just drinking water. It helps at my weaker moments
that is so funny!
I like my Glamourmom tanks pretty well. I agree on the size that they do run small. The elastic is strong, so it gets uncomfortable to wear my tank for more than a few hours. Overall I'm pleased with the tank and I like it that they offer a little more coverage for nursing in public.
Anyone here tonight? I ordered a vape, I'm so excited!
I can't believe it's 85% in some states Is Nevada the lowest with 12%?
Yay writteninkursive! Your story is amazing and inspiring. I really enjoyed reading it. Drummerswife, I'm starting tomorrow too I haven't exercised since before I had Honeybun and I've been eating terribly It's time for a change
I use virgin coconut oil. It is heavenly! It smells amazing and makes my skin sooooooooo soft I thought I'd get stretch marks during pregnancy cause I got them with puberty, but I didn't get a single one and I'm convinced it's because I slathered on coconut oil every night before bed.
Quote: Originally Posted by prairiebird Actually, this is a good suggestion for it- or if you have a wildlife rehabilitation facility anywhere near you. I volunteered at one for a long time, and we would use the formula to feed abandoned mammal infants like bunnies and fawns and different sorts of wildcats. I got a ton of formula for my firstborn because he was in the hospital for a while and I was pumping (I think they assumed I would give up- heh) and...
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