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My husband is also Venezuelan(!!!), born and raised, and is Mestizo as well. Some of his family thinks theyre White but he has a Black grandfather one one side and a White (blonde, blue eyes) grandfather on the other with the rest all Mestizo somewhere along the way. Whenever we have to fill out any census type forms we mark multiple boxes, regardless if they like it or not. I´m as White as can be (Irish-German-etc) and our son is only a tad bit darker than me with brown...
You're def not the only one! I used to desperately want my career and thought staying home would bore the life out of me. But now when I think of going back to school again or even if I could get my former dream career, I honestly have no desire for it. When I imagine my dream life I imagine staying home and raising my kids!
Too sweet! When my Venezuelan MIL came to stay with us when DS was born I woke one morning to find all of the stuffing from my throw pillows on the floor in our living room. I already cleaned the house top to bottom before she came so to keep busy helping out, she decided to take out the stuffing, soak the covers and then sew in a zipper so I could wash them in the future. At the time I was a little taken back but I love her so much for wanting to help. And those meals she...
Wow I´m so glad I found this post! We moved from the US to Venezuela, where my husband is from, 3 months ago. It has suprised me how much it bothers me that my child(ren) won´t experience American culture and traditions. Mostly stupid stuff like trick or treating or prom. I try to keep it in perspective that our Venezuelan American son would have to miss out on a lot of the Venezuelan traditions if we lived in the US and my husband would feel like I do now. I lived abroad...
I´m sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine the pain. I don´t have a personal story of a new baby after stillbirth but I did come across this beautiful blog awhile back. The mother lost her 1st baby (stillbirth) and has since gone on to have 3 daughters. She writes about her 1st daughter, Joy here: http://www.joyshope.com/search?q=what%27s+in+a+name
Thank you for sharing your story! You´re a very dedicated mother! Your son is lucky to have you!!
I was directed to the WHO site a few weeks ago & found it useful in determining which vaccines to give our son while living abroad. Here´s the report on cases of Vaccine Preventable Diseases -http://whqlibdoc.who.int/hq/2008/WHO_IVB_2008_eng.pdf Pakistan is on page 186. It seems like they have reported cases of Measles, Polio, Tetanus and Diptheria. I would try to do those vaccines more or less on time without any other vaccines during the visit. In the Vaccine Book...
We have one crazy 18 month old but I´ve had constant baby fever since I was pregnant with him. I´d like a large family, maybe 4 to 6.
Thanks!! I had searched the WHO site awhile back & could not find anything. Thanks again!
Can anyone recommend a site listing the prevalence of diseases (ie Polio, Hep B, Measles, etc.) in other areas of the world? Thanks!!
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