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Is there any potential for house-sitting in your area? I'm not sure what's the best solution for you, but some time soon you may think of something that works out well. Good luck with everything!
Quote: Originally Posted by aurora510 My body says rest right now... I'm hoping to feel better soon and then I'm going to start walking. Same. It's strange to be feeling this way, but kinda makes sense too.
40 years old, but feel young and healthy. I wonder how it's going to be received when I say I don't want an ultrasound etc.
It started at 6 weeks and 1 day. It was the day after I told people that I wasn't experiencing morning sickness lol. It was pretty constant for 2 weeks and now it's off and on.
I find the idea of this thread delightful! My husband has been really supportive of my wanting to work-at-home now and after the baby is born. I really, really appreciate this. Whenever we need something from the shops he is always happy to go out and get whatever we need. He cooks, takes me out to restaurants and understands that there are certain foods I can't bear to eat ATM. He always listens when I want to talk about the baby and how it feels to be pregnant....
Reading this thread is a relief! I haven't exercised for 4 weeks. But, as soon as I feel better I want to start exercising again. (aside from walking that is)
This is my first pregnancy and I'm really intrigued about UP.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kidzaplenty : lol Hi, thought it was time to introduce myself, now that the idea of being pregnant is starting to settle in. I've known for a week and received a really dark second line straight away - Yay! Up until then I've only had a beautiful, loving and affectionate furbaby to care for. We've hung out together since I was 25 and she was 8 weeks old. At the time I really wanting a baby, but knew I wasn't...
Hi everyone, This will be my first, after waiting and wanting for a long time. Hoping for a girl (but a boy is very welcome too). Due 01/01/2010. I'm happy and excited! :
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