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Yay! So happy for you!
Count me in for another who thinks their baby has dropped. The babies movements have changed from swooping movements, strong rolls and kicks and prods in totally opposite directions to... prodding movements. I am more comfortable now. Also my tummy looks different. It used to have a gentle gradient from top to bottom and now it has a low circular shape.
I swear I started being able to see and feel a small arm move under my belly. Another time I've held a small foot. Also the baby kindly rolled over when a student midwife was feeling for the baby. She got startled. heh
Thanks for sharing your birth story, I found it inspiring.
Welcome Buzzer Beater! Congrats on your pregnancy! Quote: Originally Posted by Kidzaplenty Craving anything yummy lately? Not really. I just seem to be easily influenced! Like I can be watching a movie and see a sandwhich, and suddenly, I just HAVE to have one. Or Watching another movie and they order Chinese food and suddenly I MUST get some (including the chop sticks!). It is so crazy!! Ha, that's so funny! Especially since I can...
I love, love, love it!
How far along are you? 29 weeks How are you feeling? Really good! I've got energy and enthusiasm. So has the baby. I am sure that this little one is really enjoying doing somersaults right now! Craving anything yummy lately? Still enjoying fruit and salads. Hard boiled eggs and nuts. Oh yeah and homemade avocado, cucumber and carrot sushi rolls. Mmmm mmmm. How's the family handling the good news?? The in-laws are the most excited, because we're the first to...
Hi love4acr, Wow, how exciting! Looking forward to hearing more... If you want to link to another website you could use this HTML method: Quote: 1. Please visit this website for my story: http://www.babiesonline.com/the-rest-of-the-url 2. You can find my story here. Here's what it would look like: 1. Please visit this...
Wow, things have sure been eventful around here, I think I must have stopped receiving notifications. Anyways, to address me&3's question: Quote: Question for you mamas past first trimester - I'm still really really early - will be 5 weeks tomorrow. And I'm more than usually cranky and irritable. I haven't been pregnant for 9 years, and granted, my memory is really bad - - but I remember being on a high with my other pregnancies. Do you think this is a bad...
I totally look pregnant. When I went into an old workplace not too long ago, they could tell I was pregnant straightaway.
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