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Hiya, everyone it's fun reading everyones updates. Hope you're all doing well.
Grace is a beautiful name!
Hi EMS and welcome! Starflower - I've already dumped facebook... after realizing I wasn't getting enough out of it. If I started over I'd be more selective over who I was friends with... Quote: Originally Posted by Princess ConsuelaB Oh I did just wonder one thing, was it one of those ultrasounds that give a 3-D picture? Because I haven't had an ultrasound since I was pregnant with my 7 year old and that was the old kind. I wonder if the "new" kind...
Dmitrizmom: Only 9 day to edd... how exciting!!! effervescentmind: You must be in shock - happy shock. What a turnaround! Congratulations!!! My news is that I went along to a midwife appointment yesterday and for the first time since conception I wasn't treated like an old lady. They actually looked at me and saw that I was healthy, rather than as a 40 year and all the assumptions that go along with that. Yay! It was very refreshing...
I think it's natural for our DDC to be thinking about Christmas already, particularly those due earlier in January. I'm thinking that Christmas this year will be a very quiet one, unless... the baby comes early then it will be super exciting!!! Certainly don't have a problem with that idea, hehe. : Now just imagine that this here tree is a Christmas tree...
BanditaMamacita, sounds like you could pull it off if you made the bottom of the bath softer, more cushioned somehow... This is something I've been wondering about too. Our bath tub is as large as a small spa and we also have an outdoor rainwater, solar-heated spa. So I'm thinking hiring a birth pool might be a bit excessive in our case.
That's fantastic news!:
Quote: Originally Posted by samstress i certainly don't feel old I totally with you on that one! Being pregnant is the first time in my life that I've ever been treated as an older person. : Yet I feel young, happy and healthy. I am so ready to have this baby and I have enough energy and enthusiasm to boot! This feels like the perfect time to have a baby!
Something I like making is a couple of boiled eggs and then mixing them into a salad. mmmmm I also like cheese, avocado and salad rolls (wholegrain) - you could swap the cheese to cottage cheese instead...
Hiya all, Please add these details to the list: Ella-6, 40/41, 42, EDD Jan 01, boy This is our first little one!
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