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The ones I have been in have been made with a pond liner, so no ickies.. They did drain it once a year to keep aglae and slime under control. I also know someone who put colloidal silver in the water to keep it clean. We will be building a big swim pond that will hold our roof collected rainwater that overflows the cistern, with a pond liner, and part of it for growing water plants (in pots) for cleaning the pond. I may put a small, floating solar water circulator in...
LOL My family was a co-sleeping family and I still would climb into bed with my parents in the mornings until I was....10 (They were hippies, what can I say?) At one point my mom gently asked that I stop coming in and as an adult she told me it was because she was concerned I would notice my dad's morning erections and be scarred for life!
I would get my hands on Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands http://www.harvestingrainwater.com/ Also, Gaia's Garden is a great book!
I've milked my goats with a young baby. It helps to have a really secure wrap, sling, mei tai, or Ergo. When the baby is really tiny I wear it strapped in front, and as they get older I put them on my back. Babyhawk carrier is awesome for babywearing while doing farm chores. I also did milking during naps and I wanted to put a little swing in my milking area so my baby could swing while I milked when he got to the "let me down so I can explore" stage. I would be sure to...
Quote: Originally Posted by mama in the forest I wear my 10 month old in her babyhawk mei tai. Me too! I love my babyhawk. I have othr slings and wraps but the babyhawk feels most secure and easy for back carries. I milk, feed animals, shovel and plant with ds in one.
2b2c- About the floor, it is in a slab floor with PEX, connected to our hot water system so it is propane in the winter and solar hot water on sunnier days.
We are in the process of building our own passive/ active solar off grid strawbale house. It will have radiant floor heat, composting toilet/greywater system, very small footprint (25 X 32, but very open and a big open upstairs sleeping area), wood cookstove, cob and light straw clay walls inside, Rastra (recycled insulated concrete form foundation to minimize amount of concrete in foundation) outdoor kitchen, big food storage area, rainwater catchment... We have been...
You can compost them, but I would make sure to get as much meat out of them to avoid smells. They are "hot" composters so I would add lots of "brown" material with it, and I would bury them deep in the pile to avoid attracting critters.
We make rabbit runs connected to the hutch that are fully enclosed over the grass so they can space to roam that is safe. For the hutch they have a little box to sleep in and their hutch has a wire floor that I put straw on top to be gentle on their feet.
LOL. I always wonder if my kids will have warped ideas about sex. It always seems like it is a male harassing a female till she just resigns herself to just hold still (or he pins her down!) and let him hop on and she looks like she hopes it is over quickly, which luckily it is. For a while they would yell "the goats are mating!!" (or ducks or chickens) whenever they would see it. They know the whole process about the sperm and ovum and have seen homebirths, so they are...
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