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I was 41 and 6, too! And DH caught as well, but we gave our midwife plenty of notice, LOL. Congratulations! Enjoy your new little girl
My bloody show started about 18 hours before Poppy was born. It was definitely red and ropey and just kept on coming out, not just pink-tinged mucus or anything.
Ahhh, the "milk please" one is hilarious - love it! He's beautiful!!
What a beautiful baby! Congratulations!!
Penelope Lynn Pucillo *Poppy* was born at home at 3:50am on July 21, 2009 at 41 weeks, 6 days gestation weighing 9 lbs, 15 oz and measuring 22in long. My water had broken about 2.5 hours before she was born, but she came out in the caul, nonetheless. DH caught her and I didn't even need a single stitch! It was such an amazing experience. Poppy is a total sweetheart who actually enjoys sleeping, which we're fully appreciating since we had a total opposite experience...
Physically, I feel wonderful. Emotionally and mentally... it's hit or miss at this point.
I'm 41w, 2d pregnant with my second child. My first was born at 40w 4d, after my water broke at 40w 2d, there was meconium and nothing got going on its own, so after 30 hours I started Pitocin and baby was out within 5 hours. So anyway... I've never really gone into labor on my own, even though I did have spontaneous rupture of membranes last time. And while I've been really positive throughout this whole pregnancy and I really do believe babies will come when...
Tonight's the night! Looking forward to it!
I keep having wonderful dreams of bloody show and intense pressure waves and fluid gushing out of me... normally not pleasant things, but at this stage, BRING IT ON! It's such a bummer to wake up to NOTHING every morning.
Planning to be there (and maybe birth there, ROTFL)!
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