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Can you also use a dosage syringe? I have a 10ml dosage syringe that I got from my local big box. Or does it have to be one for needles from the pharmacy? Thanks. PS--Good luck citygirl. :-)
Hi everyone, I am 38 (will be 39 in June). Since I'm closer to 40 than 30, I'm hoping this may be the tribe for me. Hoping to conceive #1 this summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grivas one more thing- I don't know about the Shrewsbury to Waltham commute, but Leominster to Waltham would be long. You would have that Concord rotary, plus all those Concord to Lincoln lights really slowing things down. Actually Grivas, you can take 117 directly from Leominster to Waltham (17 miles). A more scenic road for sure, but no need to deal with the Concord rotary.
Quote: Originally Posted by Freud I thought it was a really good movie all around, but they kind of made "natural parenting" look wacky, which I didn't like (although some of the scenes were funny). They had the family bed, child led weaning, and the continuum concept in there, but didn't make it look too attractive. Ugh. ITA . . .but John Krasinski's character! I Burt Farlander!
Just starting it. Time will tell.
Quote: Originally Posted by Smokering I found it unexpectedly violent and disturbing. Me too. I was surprised by the violence of the film. I found it to be chillingly horrifying.
Quote: Originally Posted by notjustmamie I like B&J's Chubby Hubby. : :
I second Aruba. The weather was gorgeous! The trade winds were constant and it never rained (or if it did, it lasted only a few minutes). We did the jeep tour of the island and the party pirate cruise. The snorkeling was great. And they have a beach called "Baby Beach" which has really shallow, gentle water. Enjoy yourself, wherever you end up! It's been a long winter! :
I'm excited that there's a second movie coming. : I wonder what they will do next.
That blogger is an MDC mama.
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