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With my girls, I started them early. Whenever one woke up, I would wake the other. When one nursed, I nursed the other. We didn't ever have a set "schedule," but they were pretty much always synced. Every now and then one would start to drift away from the other a little, but as long as I stayed consistent with doing everything together they would stay on the same timeline.
Quote: Originally Posted by midwestmom I suspect that your moms of multiples friends think you are more nuts for just homeschooling period than the the fact that you are homeschooling twins-ha. We homeschool and I have almost 4 yr old twins and 2 older kids. It is going just fine. LOL! You're probably right!
Thanks ladies, I appreciate your input! All the other mothers in my Mothers of Multiples club think I'm nuts for wanting to take on homeschooling with twins, but then again none of them have any experience with homeschooling, LOL! One of my biggest concerns is them copying off each other. My girls are identical, and have the whole "twin connection" thing going. R is better at reading, while S is better at math. If you ask them both a question (and you KNOW only one...
DH and I are considering homeschooling next year, we have a 7yo boy who will be in 3rd grade, and 5yo twin girls who will be in first grade. Is there anyone here who has had success with homeschooling multiples?
I CD'd mine... we had to, because of the cost. My DS was only 19mos when my DDs were born, so we ended up having three in diapers for about a year. For us, we had the option of buying disposable dipes or groceries... eating won that one. We still did disposable at night and about half the time we went out, mainly because my DH would have virtually nothing to do w/ the CD (he thought they were "gross" ) We used fitted CDs that I made myself. I made them in separate...
Quote: Originally Posted by esaesa same time i'm eating bonbons. :nana: rofl!
I've seen a few episodes, and wasn't impressed at all. I couldn't do that to my kids, putting them on display like that. When they do the "interview" sessions, Jon always looks like he'd rather be somewhere else.
Quote: Originally Posted by labortrials Related question: why do some hospitals insist on helplock? (That's in the arm, correct.) If you're referring to what I think you're referring to, yes, it's usually in the back of the hand, where your IV would be. Where I am, they call it a saline lock. The reason is this: in setting this up, an IV catheter is inserted into your vein, and the lock is "plugged" into it instead of the IV tubing. That...
Quote: Originally Posted by eatingfor3 For those of you who ended up with general anesthesia, how long was it before you were awake again? And how long was it before you got to see your babies? Did you feel like your recovery was much more difficult than it would have been with just an epidural because of the general anesthesia? I do NOT want an epidural for a thousand reasons but I'm having a hard time coming to terms with being completely knocked...
Congratulations to your SIL! Maybe you could fix some meals for her freezer?
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