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  Wikipedia is not a valid and unbiased source. It is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit and add to.
Hugs to you. It is so scary to consider getting pregnant again after a bad bout of PPD. It was a hard decision for me but I'm  5 1/2 months into my second postpartum period and so far so good. By the time my 1st son was this age I was a mess. I was really worried that PPD would happen again especially since I was depressed a bit throughout my pregnancy and it was a hard one. I really prepped myself this time. I have support group numbers on hand. I made sure my support...
Being quick to rage at my child was what led me to seek help for PPD. I went on Zoloft and joined a PPD support group. The meds helped me be able to regulate my emotions and the rages stopped. The PPD support group helped me see that I was not alone and that others were having the same issues. Hugs to you. It sounds like you have been having a heck of a time.
nak. that is awful!!!  what a horrible time to hear something like that - not that anytime is good - but 2 weeks post partum is not a sane place to deal with major life changes. i'm so sorry your dh did this. i'm also angry for you. do you have any other support around you? you will be in my thoughts.
On June 4th baby Benjamin was born. 8lbs 6oz. I had PROM and needed to be induced so our homebirth didn't happen, but I had a good team at the hospital and baby Ben came quite quickly in the end. We are settling in nicely. He nurses wonderfully and is putting on lots of chub.  here he is with his thrilled big brother.
Wow, how exciting! Congratulations
Congratulations! welcome baby!
I was talking to my midwife about this today:) I am 39 +1 today and would like to go into labour this week. (the week I am due the midwives on call are all ones from another team as they are covering for an unexpected absence of one of the midwives on my team) Sooo.. I am trying evening primrose oil (3 x orally and once at night internally), higher concentration RRL tea throughout the day, some long walks, and as much sex as my poor hubby can handle:)
I was planning on using milk of magnesia for a stool softener that I have left over from earlier in the pregnancy. It worked pretty well then. I was also planning on putting witch hazel in my peribottle. 
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