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Buh how did it happened??? I'm... depressed But by Manchester I meant Greater Manchester not Manchester city, So is from Salford and we live there till September 2008. I miss it, it was nice. I love SO's accent, it's soo... sexy, for me of course lol. I've never been able to catch that cool British accent. I guess going to an American school is not of much help lol.Why do you love GB??. But I understand why you do, it's lovely. I had my left ovary removed 10 months...
Oh and I'm going to the US for the first time in July. I'm soo excited, it sounds silly but I've never been there I want to see what all the fuss is about
No i've never been there BaBaBa. I've never been to any city in Murcia. It must be lovely though. Just like every city there. Proud Spaniard huh? The funny thing is that I'm daughter of non Spaniard expats lol. All of this baby talk, and me lurking about the forums have made me consider having a homebirth... If I get pregnant again that is, if I can, if my body allows it.
i think it's the same as other cities. Except Madrid, where people are cold. Very very cold lol. I'm not watching it right now, I didn't even knew it was playing, I'm baaad lol. But when Manchester played against Barcelona, I got a lot of money lol. The funny thing is that SO is from Manchester... Manchester Vs Barcelona. Chris vs Aleks. lol We actually got fun of during all the game lol By So's friends. I do like football, but I don't feel like watching it now. I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by Geigerin Thank you! What brought you both to Mexico? I loved the bit of Spain I've had the privelidge of seeing, Barcelona, but I hear it's nothing like the rest of the country. What part of Spain are you from? SO good offered a teaching job in Mexico and he thought it was going to be interesting and so he took it. I'm from Barcelona actually, oh miss it. We are not going to be able to go this summer, which is...
Quote: Originally Posted by MittensKittens Welcome back! Are you happy about where you are moving? How are you generally? Hello!!! Yes, I like this place. It's not that big and its full of friendly people, even though we are the only "foreigners" in the neighborhood, I think I'll adjust. This place is really hot though, but we have pools nearby and we lare going to live infront of little park. I was there to check the house yesterday, and I...
just water
Mamma, I understand you LOL. But i'm relatively new, just check my post count, so I think that's the reason.
They have a Montessori school here, but I've heard is no good, but it's far away from our house, so that's no an option. LOOOL People were overreacting. Something horrible happened here some days ago, a nursery school got burned and 47 babies died Soo sad. Good night!
Hello BaBa!!! It does actually, but I dont need to worry about it that much until 2010 here, it's a smaller city so the waiting lists are not big. But there are two school that I love already, walking distance from our new home, bilingual. I love it here.
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