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CAnanny- There is a bit of bloodwork that would not be a bad idea to do. Also, I'd be interested to know if there is any possible chance of a bit of retained placenta. It's not typical for milk to just not come in like that, but when it happens, it's generally because there is a medical situation going on- whether it's PCOS, hypothyroid, insufficient glandular tissue, retained placenta, etc. 
  You are looking great and so happy! And those babies definitely look like they've grown since I saw you! Congrats on 30 weeks. :)
I'm postpartum doula and lactation specialist in the Bay Area AND my wife has induced lactation using the Newman Goldfarb protocol with great success (we are both still nursing our 2.5 year old.) PM me and I'll give you some info about where you can get dom. ;)
I think most agencies and fertility clinics generally want a surrogate to have a track record of at least one term pregnancy. I'd suggest searching and matching independently but DEFINITELY GET AN EXPERIENCED SURROGACY LAWYER. I gave birth to a surrogate baby 3.5 months ago and I learned a lot about the process. I wasn't matched with a gay couple, but if your friend wants any perspective on surrogacy in general, feel free to put her in touch.
  ... and as a postpartum doula (with lotsa multiples experience,) lactation counselor, and exclusive pumper for my surrogate babe... I agree with all of these!
Um, are you joking? What kid "fantasizes" about their parents doing it? That makes no sense. Also, why couldn't our kids think about sperm donors or fertility clinics? If that's what their parents tell them about their conception, then that's what they'll know!
  In fact, I happen to know of a very lovely one who focuses much of her practice on challenges that come up between couples as they become parents, though she's in Marin. Let me know if you would like her info. (She shares a name with us too, so clearly is awesome haha.) I agree that BEFORE the babies come is a good time to focus some energy on your relationship as it will probably be infinitely more difficult once you have three small needy people around. :)
Isa, I can't imagine being pregnant with a young infant! Good call on waiting! Besides, your cycles might very well be quite unpredictable for a little while.
Desert, that's great! If it means anything, my wife also was able to get drops when she pumped for the first time, and by the time G was born, she had an awesomely abundant milk supply. I think she probably could have singlehandedly fed our baby, at least as a newborn, if it was ever necessary. They say it might take a while to get anything at all or that you might never make any milk, depending on how your body reacts to the protocol, so I think it's really promising to...
Carmen, I've so been rooting for you. You have so many here who are hoping and praying for a healthy baby for you... This news is heartbreaking.  
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