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Eek, I'm 12 weeks along, but I agree, my pregnancy is going fast. In my case I think it's because it's not actually my baby. With my first pregnancy, we were so anxious to have our baby and meet her. This time I'm sure it will be amazing to meet her, but I'm not taking her home so it's not as life-altering. So I'm not as impatient. :)
I take a lot of flax seed to help me avoid constipation from Zofran. I've never heard that it can cause bleeding during pregnancy. Where did you read that?
Just curious... but for what reason do sperm go on discount? I have never heard of that. Your MIL sounds very sweet though. :)
I don't identify as genderqueer, and I know there are others on here who do (or whose partners do) so I am not really a great authority... but I understand genderqueer to encompass all who identify outside of the binary gender system- those who identify as female-to-male, male-to-female, or anywhere in the spectrum of gender (both or neither male or female) or even those who are unsure about or exploring their gender identity. (Also including those who have or have not...
Yeah my RE's office told me that I could have some spotting or cervix irritation from the progesterone suppositories I'm using.
Wow, what a great hold! I so wish I had known about this when G was tiny. She and I both loved the rings sling, but were limited in positions because of those darned rings. This would have been perfect. I love how the baby is so high so your arms can be more free.
Yeah, I've heard it's really expensive so I was expecting the worst, but I pay $25 for a box of 30 8mg pills of the generic.
It went quite well actually. I've been getting out of breath so easily lately, I just know I need to get back into better shape. Being so sick has taken its toll on me. I dropped G off at the childcare and then I walked for 20 minutes on the treadmill. Normally I would not consider that to be a workout, but that's about as much as I can do right now. I made sure to eat a good solid breakfast before hand (2 scrambled eggs, half a whole grain bagel with cream cheese,...
I aspire to one day be like the hungry people on this thread! This is how I was for the first couple of weeks and I ate like crazy! Put on 10 pounds between that and the IVF hormones. I can not wait until food is not only edible but appetizing! This morning I'm working on two scrambled eggs, half a small bagel with cream cheese, a glass of orange juice, and some cherry tomatoes. Thinking about food makes me sicker than actually eating it, so I guess I'm doing okay...
Yes. I'm sure that it's because it makes my blood sugar spike and then drop. I can't tolerate any sugar at all, and any carbohydrates MUST be in extreme moderation and eaten at the same time as a lot of protein. Normally, my body thrives on a lower level of protein and eating too much protein makes my digestion sluggish and I feel ill. This pregnancy I feel like I'm on the Atkins diet!
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