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I always feel terribly guilty because I in no way have energy to do personals, but just know I am reading and paying attention to everything going on here.   I do want to share our story though because I'm having so much fun reading everyone else's! It cracks me up how many stories involve complicated relationships with exes, travel, and Uhauling.   So, my wife and I met each other back when I was about 15 and she was about 19. Of course, at that time the thought...
No idea how to deal with it, but exercise definitely impacts my nausea in a major way. Granted, most of the time I feel too sick in the first place to even consider working out, but any sort of exertion certainly makes it worse. I remember riding my bike to work once when I was pregnant with my daughter and when I arrived I had to sit in the bathroom retching for a loooong time before heading to my classroom. I never repeated that experience! I mostly combat it by not...
Just wanted to say it's been a week since my Milk of Magnesia fiasco. I've been supplementing my diet with one tablespoon of flax seeds morning and night and drinking loads of water and it seems to be working. I've been able to "go" every day since then without trouble- thank goodness!
Cananny- Some of us are dying of suspense here! :P
That is rude. It is common courtesy to congratulate someone when they are expecting, even if you don't think they "should" be pregnant. It's not up to anyone else to decide. Congratulations to you, and I hope your family learns some manners (at the least) and grows to be happy for you and your new baby. How can you not love a BABY?
Definitely Hallie Jane. I like it better and I also think it fits in better with the names of your other kids. :)
It was only when G got to be about a year old that she would go to sleep without nursing. Even now, she needs to nurse or bottle before bed just as part of her cue system. But from early on, we'd have a fan on in her room, close the curtains so it was dark, and nurse/sing as we calmed her. Eventually (and totally on her OWN time) she got to where she just understood what she had to do and we could put her down when she was not yet asleep. She's 18 months and still wakes...
Ugh, I totally get it. I don't have as many kids as you though, just one toddler. The Zofran is helping my stomach on some days not, which I am thankful for. Other days, like today for example, I can take it and I still get all wretchy when I try to stand up and walk. It's beautiful out and DW and DD have gone to the zoo and I am at home with a terrible cold, exhausted, and possibly dying of egg-smell-poisoning (haha.) DW boiled eggs for Thanksgiving deviled eggs and I...
Mizyellow- Just have to say my 18 month old is wearing the same purple striped zip-up today and it's one of my fave outfits. She loves the "mo-key" on it.  :)
Congrats, and welcome Layla! What a cutie!
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