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I'm originally from Michigan, spent the last five years living in San Francisco, and now I have recently moved to the middle of nowhere in southwest Kansas where we're settling in for a while.
Shaved heads are hot! But yes, I've also heard Old Navy is the place to go for less super-femmy maternity clothes.
I'm sorry to hear. Sending you lots of love.
How long have you and your DH been together? How did you meet? How are you dealing with your morning sickness, especially considering you are taking care of your DD as well?
I have sent the wife to the store to buy ingredients for lentil soup and minestrone! (I have a really hard time with the smells and all the food in the grocery store.) We FINALLY got our appliances delivered to our new house so we have a fancy new stove for me to cook pots of soup on. Yay! Beans are about the only protein-rich food that doesn't completely repulse me, so I am excited to make a few pots and freeze some.
Plain yogurt with lots of maple syrup and a little granola goes down reasonably easily and helps me to avoid m/s for the morning. Sticks of low-fat cheese. Liquids are good so I'm trying to drink soy and hemp milk, fruit juice smoothies, vegetable juices, OJ, and ginger ale (the kind made with fruit juice and real ginger.) Cucumbers and grapes are okay. Saltines. I can choke down honey roasted peanuts if I am eating a cheese stick simultaneously. I know it sounds weird but...
I would love to be having some food cravings! I have not craved anything yet as I'm just spending my time feeling nauseous. It's hard enough finding a food that sounds like I *might* be able to choke it down!
My midwife knows I'm pregnant, but that's about it. I haven't made an appointment with her yet. She lives about 4.5 hours away and is the ONLY homebirth midwife who will come to my town. I will go to Colorado Springs for some of my prenatals, she will come to me for a few, and I will get my bloodwork done at the local OB clinic. We figure I'll come out to see her in a month or so.
I have nothing terribly exciting to report, but boy has my nausea kicked in majorly. I am having such a hard time eating anything. I find it really sad that I can not enjoy food right now! I have aversions to almost everything, and the things I CAN eat I have to choke down. I am home from work today because I was so unbelieveably tired, but I think maybe I'm catching a bug. I DO work in an elementary school so that would not surprise me.
What did you do before you were a SAHM? Are you working on any crafty projects right now?
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