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Totally forgot about this one! We love it too.
As a person who identifies as a lesbian, who has previously had sex with men, and who has had a baby, I will say that birthing a baby is nothing like having sex with a man. A baby is way bigger than anything that I would voluntarily put in my vagina, but also your body is doing all sorts of crazy things physiologically and anatomically when you're in labor to facilitate that baby coming through. The physical sensations are totally different.   Before having sex with...
The Different Dragon is a good one too.
Isa- I made playlists for my labor with Grace but once I was actually in labor I did NOT want any sounds at all. I probably would have punched my midwife for talking to me if I wasn't trying to concentrate on relaxation! I didn't even want to listen to Hypnobabies (though the techniques were quite helpful for me to do quietly.)
QOTD: I can not think of a single other person in either my family or DW's who is gay, bi, queer, anywhere on the spectrum other than straight. That includes my very large extended stepfamily. However, most of my siblings and a good number of DW's and my cousins are still children, so I guess we'll have to wait a while to see about them...
Just popping in a second to say it's a good thing you posted about mole w/accent chili vs. mole the animal chili, Library, because it made me laugh. I had to stop reading Starling's post about dying children because it was too sad. No unnecessary talk of children dying to pregnant people!
A friend would like to give a book as a gift to a male friend who is expecting his first baby. Any great recommendations for books that are directed at DADS? :)
Oh yeah, I was doing progesterone suppositories too. That'll definitely do it! Glad it's subsided though!
I had lots of spotting in the first weeks and really the first months. I wasn't allowed penetration or orgasms for a long time due to some issues that were going on. (Let me tell you, being pumped up with hormones and then being denied sex is cruel!) The spotting was not indication of anything wrong. It's not entirely uncommon. It might have something to do with the area getting more blood flow? I dunno?
Oh no! I hope it goes away! I agree about it being embarrassing. I've learned how to half cover it with a cough, which is very helpful at work! Last night when it was really bad I pulled out my Preggie Drops from first trimester and it helped keep things under control. I guess I just need to carry them around again. Good thing I bought them by the case.
New Posts  All Forums: