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We tested this morning, 9dpo... still early but we figure we'd rather know if we can and it's early enough that the negative won't bum us out. Of course... it was negative. Still waiting. I hate the suspense!
Quote: Originally Posted by DJK My dp and I live in Hawaii and after 7 months of charting and preperation, as well as celebrating our first year married two weeks ago, we are in our first TWW: Exciting! My DW and I are in our first TWW also.
Oh, Milletpuff, that must be so hard having that reminder. Hopefully it passes fast. Good luck SRJB! I'll be thinking of you! Well, last night I went over to my friends' house to babysit their kids for a couple of hours and their five year old said to me within 15 minutes of coming into the house, "Hey, you have a baby in your shirt!" I hope that means something good. I've been having dull ovary pains ever since ovulation and yesterday they got stronger, it almost...
They are called Montgomery glands- they provide your nipples with an oil that protects them during breastfeeding. They are there all the time but maybe become more noticeable during pregnancy. Looks like a good sign... Fingers crossed!
Hi ceiuqeck! My wife and I are also TTC and during our first cycle I ovulated on day 26 of my cycle! Waaaay late for me. I very much attribute it to the stress of having to monitor my cycle so closely in order to get the timing right. We were taking basal body temps, checking my cervical mucus, and using Ovulation Predictor Kits- all of which I truly feel are necessary, but I am just not used to putting so much thought into my cycle. As lesbians, we typically have little...
Looks like Prop 8 will be upheld, and same-sex couples will still be refused the right to marry in the state of California. Those couples already married will remain legally married. I am relieved that our marriage is still being recognized, but ready for some more POSITIVE action! I am not surprised at the ruling but I was still hoping... http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_gay_marriage
I think the idea is just to put one normal pillow under yourhips so the sperm don't end up "falling out." But sperm are pretty good for swimming upstream, especially when you have fertile CM. Good luck!
MP, I will be thinking of you and sending lots of love your way.
Your chart looks correct to me. The temperatures could go different ways but because of your CM, increased sex drive, etc. I think that the chart looks correct to me. Good luck!
: Yay Millet!!!
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