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Mind if I sneak in? My wife and I are in our first cycle of TTC right now- we are just waiting for me to ovulate and we will be going in for IUI with frozen swimmers. Feeling pretty excited about this... more later, I just realized I have to leave for my chiropractor appointment!
The photo is pretty dark... I can not see anything. :/
I don't know much about ferning patterns. Basically you are most fertile in the 1-3 days before ovulation and for 12-24 hours after. (The sperm can live in your system for a few days.) It really depends on your husband's sperm count how fast he can "recharge" but for most people 1x per day is fine. If you are checking cervical mucus, I'd start BDing once you see your most fertile fluid. :
Sounds promising! :
How many days have your temps been up?
I've been giving a lot of thought to this lately as well. I am in my first cycle of TTC and I want to make sure that everything is optimum since we're doing IUI with donor sperm and well... it is neither fun nor cheap! I want to make sure I'm getting great nutrition to hopefully optimize my chances of conceiving. Anyway, I am vegetarian and there is NO chance of me eating any sort of meat- I have been veg for lots of years and I have a major aversion to meat. I think...
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