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Hello mamas! My family may be moving to TC ASAP any tips on finding AP community? I found the LLL meeting but wondering if there is a yahoo group maybe? How about homeschoolers? I'm trying to find a good area to live. My partners job in on 3 mile near 31. Please email me mraven 721 at gmail .com
I have learned a LOT from herbmentor.com I love that I can pay monthly...
I'll Pm you!
Awesome! Our Livonia group averages 20 moms a meeting. I will pass on your groups info for moms in your area!
I'm in!
are shoes OK?
http://www.lllusa.org/web/DownriverMI.html I think the leader, Danielle, has started an enrichment meeting once a month too as well as a yahoo group for playdates and such.
me can't wait!
thanks everyone for your info and honest reviews!
HTH's http://www.worldbook.com/wb/Students...m/kindergarten
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