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I have been breastfeeding for 28 collective years, much of that in tandem. We homebirth, unschool, and never use commercial cleaners. We use only cloth and never use bottles. We only see a doc for emergencies, relying on a naturopath and my homeopathy kit instead. We offer free and low cost therapy to those in need instead of charging top dollar for it like most therapists do in our area. My hubby offered free mediation during the occupy movement. We have six awesome...
Anyone here????
I know there are home-schoolers in my area, but many of them are very staunch "you are going to hell if you don't believe as I believe" Christians...and while my family is very spiritual, we don't believe what they believe, so...we're alone. I'd rather be alone than to be preached at, but...I was just wondering...are there any crunchyish happy families in my area??? )
oh woooonderful to see all these baby pics!!! here's one of Ali V!
And there YOU are!!! ((HUGS FOREVER)) I'm able to get here a bit as allowed by miss V. I am writing a lot for work, so it is close by...but, my girly is increasingly mobile so...we shall see what she thinks about mama's work load. All in all...It's been so healing to hold her loveliness in my arms...so healing for ALL of us really. I found the tincture you sent me just yesterday...and I thought..."What an abundance of love has formed around me..." I'm so grateful...
Oh come on ladies...how bout Big Sky Country??? Montana is pretty!!! If you're ever around...let me know.
Bliss for me is when Ali V. sends me kisses "smack smack smack" or clicks.... I don't know, it just melts my heart to the core. She has such sparkly blue eyes and such a sweet way about her. I don't think I'll ever get over the immense love I feel in her existence...In truth, there isn't a being in this house that doesn't feel the same way. She just...rocks!
Ali V. is pretty gentle...but, she can get her point across when she wants to. We've all been bloodied by her nails at least once. (Especially poor Stephen, because she seems to think she can remove his face if she tries hard enough, and that sweet boy LETS her.) I've been thrilled over how gentle she is with Ferdinand though. That big pup adores her truly and I suspect she could do no wrong with him.
Hey ladies...I can't believe this group is still here, and I totally didn't KNOW that. I thought everyone had moved over to Facebook, so i stopped coming here. Lame of me! So sorry! Anyway...I'm here again...as much as i can be. Which won't be too too much...baby girly won't allow too much of my shenanigans and I must work too. But, I am glad to know this is here too! May I just say I love you all...in case you didn't already know that. For those who aren't on...
Everything we share ripples through the universe....that's what is so beautiful about community.
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