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You know...some grandma's just...uh....AREN'T. (my MIL and mom's one of these...) They act like they want to help...but they are no help. At all. I finally just had to tell them both exactly this. And...it sucked. For them.For me...it's free-ing in a way. Now, it doesn't mean i don't wish I could get some help...but, I really don't want unhelpful help. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this right now. Maybe you could just tell her that your fine...or that you've...
I know it's morbid...but I really wish a relative with money would die soon. We just keep hitting the bottom of our bank account due to emergencies, sudden loss in income, technicalities...NONE of it related to poor management on our part...it's just...BLAH. So yeah...it would be so nice if some old person I don't know would leave me a million bucks. Now. It would just make everything so much easier. On a brighter note....I'm so grateful to be almost there. I am in...
Charlie baby...You gotta SEE your way out little man...turn around for your mama!!! Maybe he's just so happy inside you that he decided "hey...no way, I'm not going out that way. You'll convince him with the ice...his first lesson in cooperation? GC....Biology...nope. I don't think he could hack it. The biology program here is medically oriented...it was hard enough for me to minor in (human bio in pre-medical sciences)....it requires the calculus, and I'm tellin'...
I like the foot washing idea.... I keep wondering if I'm going to have my daughter in August...or if she will MAKE me wait till Sept....oh please don't make me wait that long!!!
Me too Becky....oh wow....me too!!!!
The men from goats thing was actually a comment made by my father!!! BWAH HA HA! I remember staring at him for a moment and then saying..."Well...that makes sense now. If all that is separating you from a goat is the way your PENIS looks, it allllllll makes sense." BWAH HA HA HA!!
Awwww....what a darling little one!!! Congrats!!!!
We are done as far as I know. I can't do this again...so much fear and worry...I'm finally going to get my girl if I have anything to say or do about it, and with five living sons....and a mountain of bills and a tiny house...yeah...we're done. I'm considering the Essure method...permanent, and non surgical. Sounds good...haven't heard anything BAD about it. At all.
Erica...sending you so much warmth and blessings today!
Becky! I would totally move to your hippie farm! I just saw our neighbors pull in....they moved in last year with this sweet little 12 year old girl who loved basketball and lizards. I just saw a curvy, slendar, beautiful, 13 year old hop out of the car...wow...curves happen QUICKLY. I think my almost 13 year old son has noticed that as well. My 15 year old thinks of her as a little girl. I am pretty sure she's noticed my 15 year old. I'm pretty sure she thinks of...
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