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Good luck mama! Sending you lots of love...
My stomach hurts. I apparently have an umbilical hernia. yay. It's been hurting for a while now, but...now I know why.
Getting ready for midwife appt. Honestly...I just so wish I looked forward to these. Maybe I should just ask her to STOP weighing me as it makes me feel like crap. I've only got 5 weeks to go, how much damage could I really DO in five weeks? Maaaaaaaaaannnnnn. My little bear got a dragonfly to crawl onto his hand this morning, where it sat contentedly for several minutes before it opted to fly away...he was over the moon about it. Then, he got to run through a wave...
Wow.... This is just so unacceptable. I really have a sore spot for medical practitioners who "drop the ball" and then expect YOU to just be happy about that. Of course it is WAY LATE to spring this on you.
I feel good about yoga clothes. I love that they stretch and hug and make me look sexy and fit...in spite of being enormous. I also love that I can wear them afterwards...yoga clothes...they never tell you your too big because they ALWAYS fit! (Take THAT skinny midwife!!!)
Wow...I totally need an automated litter box...for our FERRET! I just can't get the boys to understand it has to be done OFTEN, and ferrets, while super sweet....stink. sigh. Anyway...love the ferret. Hate the smell. Need to do SOMETHING about it...automated sounds amazing.....I wonder if he'd go for it....ferrets have this interesting way of pooping...they back into a corner...I wonder if he would back into an automated litter box?I don't do dishes anymore. I just...
Sending so much warmth....healthy baby...that's the most important...healthy baby....Keep us posted!
I loooove it! It's just so pretty, and isn't it amazing how different they all are??? I can't wait to make mine...I'm having my blessingway this weekend, and apparently, there are several in the mail! Yay for support....we all so need it!
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