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I keep forgetting to count items, but did some reorganizing/decluttering today. 23 toys to goodwill 11 broken items recycled 34/2014
Hi! May I join this thread? We do no-spend challenges at home from time to time, but I don't typically have company. We are a family of 4 on one income, and we're working on long-term financial goals. With the exception of fresh produce, I plan to cook from our existing freezer and cupboard stash this month. My husband eats out, one lunch per week, with friends. I also have an eye appointment next week and need new frames and lenses. (My current frames are at least 6...
Hi! My brother and sister-in-law are having a baby at St. Luke's Baptist hospital today. I'd like to send flowers, but not FTD. Any good local florist recommendations? Preferably a place that sticks to more local/not-sprayed flowers and plants? Thanks! Amie
Please join us for our monthly meeting, tomorrow, April 9th at 6 p.m. Topic:  Midwife licensure. What different licenses mean, what Indiana recognizes & efforts to pass legislation. Where: The Warren branch of the Marion County Library (9701 E. 21st Street., Indianapolis, IN 46229) Hope to see you there!
I think it's great you're following your instincts. I co-lead a homebirth support group, but we're considering a hospital birth. And my co-leader is my doula and super supportive. I know it feels a bit odd, but ultimately, we should all support each other's birth choices. :) I actually think unassisted is awesome but wouldn't choose it myself. :)
Feeling baby movement! I've felt a few flutters in the past week, but im definitely feeling movement now. I didn't feel my first move until 18 weeks! This is so awesome. We haven't even had a formal appointment yet, so I'm feeling movement before hearing a heartbeat!!! Yay!!!
That gown looks so comfy, especially for August.
I'm enjoying reading the other spotlights. I think I'll join. :)
Oh, I love Vivienne, Cecelia's Mama !    We will most likely choose family names, and only relatives we've lost, in keeping with Jewish tradition. Our boy name last time was Oliver Michael (for my grandfather). When Maddy was born, my aunt was so glad she was a girl because she hated the name Oliver. However, I think it's still in the running. :)   We lost my grandmother last week, and I can see naming a daughter after her, but I'm not sure my husband will go for...
Showers. Lots of showers. Normally, I'm happy to go two or three days without a shower. I know, that seems gross to some, but that's how I am. But throughout my last pregnancy and now this one, I _have_ to shower every day. Water just feels so good. Come the 3rd trimester, I'll be in there 2-3 times a day. :P
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