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Ascher - I cloth diaper too.  I normally change him when he wakes at night and if he poops mid feeding I will change him immediately and then relatch.  If I do not change him at each waking he will leak, but last night I added a doubler and that seemed to help.  I only nurse one breast at a time.  Sometimes after I burp him he will still act hungry and I will offer the other side, but he is normally passed out or content after one side.  I think you are doing great!
Your baby will be here soon Nelson!!  I went 4 days past EDD with DD and 6 days past with DS.  Hang in there and enjoy these last days as a family of 3, that is what we did those last days before DD arrived and I cherish those moments!  Thinking of you!
Yeah, I just feel like I worked so hard to get the hormones out of my system before conceiving DD that going on them again just doesn't seem right.  My AF didn't come back with DD until 22 months post partum.  I don't feel like I am especially fertile while nursing, but I don't want to count on that...
I agree on pads! I feel like I have a diaper rash! If I don't shower every day it is even more irritated!!
Mitten, MY DD is 3.5 and went through the same thing. I was on modified bed rest for 2 weeks and we had a REALLy hard time.  I don't necessarily have advice, but just know that is does get better as you are able to do more.  Last night I was able to go on a walk and give her a bath and it helped so much.  I missed her a ton and it broke my heart how she was having so many complete breakdowns.  Weekends are definitely harder, but week days have gotten easier each week as...
I have no experince w this, but I am in the same situation (DH wants vacectomy, but I am not 100% sure I want this to be the last baby). So I am interested in other responses!
When you spray on one side it is forceful enough to push "stuff" out the opposte nostril.  Just do a test spray before you do the spray.  I do not have an aspirator, so I just wiped his nose and he seemed better immediately.  He also seems fine during the day.  I bet once you start using the simply saline it will help clear her out and will help prevent sinus infection etc. 
Hi Ladies -   First off I want to just say how much I admire those that are home with a newborn and toddler (or any other kids for that matter).  My DD is in preschool full time, so I have yet to be home alone with both DD and DS and I have to admit that I am petrifide!  Not so much with daily stuff but mostly morning and bedtime stuff.  Bedtime especially since that is when DS cluster feeds.  He isn't fussing, but wants to nurse every 15-30 minutes.   Physically...
Yeah Anya!!  congratulations on your bundle!  Pretty soon we will be able to say "We all did it".  I still look at my little guy ( and 3.5 yo DD) and am shocked that they were in my body!!
Yeah, mine has a cold too.  Same exact thing.  DD got it and then DH got it and gave it to DS...I did not get it, but I am getting pretty darn tired because DS is so congested at night.  Simply saline helped some last night.  Hopefully he heals quickly with all the nursing!
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