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My DS has a little cold right now.  I thought it was odd that he was snorting like a piglet the past few nights.  i thought it was gas, but then last night it was obvious that is was congestion.  Hopefully he gets better soon.    NUKU - have you tried a swing?  We have a really simple swing and it was a life saver with DD.  We would swaddle her and put her in the swing at the highest speed and she would sleep in it for hours at a time.  If we didn't she would wake...
Hi - Nuku, this sounds a lot like my DD, we had to swaddle her for 9 months and eventually weaned her from it.  She did nurse to sleep but wanted to nurse for hours at a time.   With Brody, he is only 15 days old, so this is subject to change but here it goes -   He has two BIG naps during the day,  has an awake time for about an hour between 7 and 8 am, followed by two back to back 2-3 hours naps.  Between 4 and 5 pm he starts to cluster feed every 30 minutes or...
Mymaya - My heart hurts for you.  I hope you heal quickly and can be with your Maya soon. 
ANya, so glad you stood your ground on your international visitor, how very strange for someone to think that is ok!    I am stalking all of you...
Mine was 5 hours, i would say painful contractions began at 12:00am and I gave birth at 1:29.  I would call my labor intense as well.  With DD my labor was 6 hours and it was intense but mostly because I was being told not to push and I wanted to.  this time DS's shoulder got stuck and I literally wanted to run away.  My body was pushing involuntarily, but I didn't want to do it! INTENSE!
Congratulations!  Even though your birth didn't go as planned, you did what was best in that moment for you and your baby, nice job mama!  Heal well and enjoy these snuggly newborn moments.
Nice work mama!  Welcome Benji!
Here is baby Brody - 10 days old  
Beautiful, congratulations!
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