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Congrats WCM!!!  Way to go on your UBAC!   I posted some pics of Brody and the knot in his cord in the "Brody is here Thread"
Worldshakrz - My afterpains stopped about two days ago, I bet yours will subside soon.   I had a huge cry fest this morning.  DD is having a really hard time with this transition and doesn't know how to express herself.  Suprisingly she is not super clingy to me and she is super loving to her brother, but I think it is just the different or lack of routine since i am not able to help and do my normal tasks. This morning I woke up to her having a massive fit with Dh...
  Here he is 5 days old, he doesn;t like the flash on the camera.     Here is the knot in his cord for those of you interested!
i had Brody on 9/13 :)
Hi girls,   I am on day 4 postpartum.  I am feeling pretty good.  internal healing is going great.  Cramp bark helped a lot with after pains and those seem to have subsided.  My bleeding is so much less this time than with DD.  I have been adding calendula to my peri bottle and I took arnica the past four days.  I got my placenta capsules at my day 3 PP visit, so I am taking 2 capsules 3 times a day.  My perineum is sore.  I am envious of those that have been able to...
Hi, I am on day 2.  Feeling good emotionally, but I am prepared to get weepy when milk comes in.  I tore and chose to not get stitched up.  With DD I got stitched and honestly it took forever to heal.  So we decided that me staying in bed for a week on the second floor of the house was do-able so my body could heal on its own.  After my intense birth I wasn't up for much touching down there!  My whole body is sore, muscle-wise and of course my rear end is.  But my...
home vaginal g3p2a1 first homebirth 40w6d 8lbs3oz male
wow nuku, amazing!  I posted my birth story under Brody is Here Thread.  I felt very animal like this time too, but midwife said I wasn't as loud as I thought I was, but I definitely swore like a sailer!
OK, I am finally at a computer!    As many of you know I started losing mucus plug on Wednesday AM. Through the day I had regular BH contractions probably 15-20 minutes apart.  I took a nap that day because I had a feeling things were going to happen that night.  I took a shower after DD went to bed and decided to lay down and time contractions for an hour.  They were 5 minutes apart and 1 minute in length but they seemed like BH, but the regularity made me think...
Brody young arrived on 9/13 at 1:29am in the comfort of our living room. He was 8lbs3oz, over 2 lbs bigger than dd! Labor was 5 hours and really intense. I will post more soon.
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