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Mole - What a beautiful take on the waiting game!    I talked to my homeopath and she suggested taking a couple doses of Pulsatilla 200C every 2-3 hours to see if that gets anything moving.  I asked my midwife if I should make acupuncture appointment or do anything else to move things along and she suggested waiting.  This is just so different than DD's birth when they were so worried that she was "too small" and I was having NST every other day blah blah blah and...
Yippee!  Way to go Mama and Dexter!
Evi - My insurance covers (or helps cover) my homeopath because she is also a PA.  But no coverage of acupuncture, so that would be out of pocket.  It seems like with all my appointments etc I would finally have met my deductible!  I had to pay my midwife by my 36 week appointment, but I can not submit to insurance until baby is born...grr!  That bill should finally get me to reach my deductible!  We are self employed and currently on my DH's COBRA insurance (he was laid...
Congrats for Maman and all of you in early labor!   Still nothing here.  I am 40 + 4.  I just left a voice message for my homeopath to see if she has any rememdies to get things moving.  When she calls back I am going to ask if she thinks I should make an acupuncture appointment as well.  I have a MW appointment tomorrow.  I am not uncomfortable, but now I just feel like I am open and ready to birth AND DD was born at 40 + 4, so I guess I always thought my second...
Wow, lots of labor-ish action!  Horray Alli, Mama, and Nuku!  Can't wait to hear the news!   AFM - We finally finished our home renovation and it is listed on the market!  So, I feel like maybe we can actually have sex, go on  walks and try to get things moving.  We had both guessed today would be the day, but aside from BH contractions, not but is going on.  Maybe Wednesday?  I am 40 + 3 today.
Hi Everyone,   i am 40 + 2 today. My house is sooo clean, laundry is done, dishes are done, refrigerator and pantry are stocked and I am just waiting.  Kind of boring because there is only so much one can do close to home.  DH has been working all weekend, so it has been just DD and I.  He was supposed to be done working on this project yesterday and I just about lost it when he said he had to go back today.  I just want to relax and get excited for baby to arrive,...
Alli - Just rest and try not to worry.  Almost all of my mommy friends, including myself get sick in the days or week prior to birth.  So maybe it it just your body giving you the sign to slow down and get ready for the birth day!
I personally don't believe anyone sleeps through the night!  My DD is 3.5 and she wakes every night anytime between 1&5 and crawls into bed with us.  It works for our family!  We will see how it all works when we have a newborn around too.  We don't have a huge house, so I am hoping that a waking newborn won't affect my sleeping toddler too much!
Congrats Pure - Your birth story brought tears to my eyes, Love, Love, Love how involved your other children were, amazing!  So glad he is healthy!
My EDD is today!  I am feeling totally normal for the most part.  With DD they were concerned that she was small because I carried so small so I ended up having my membranes swept and doing acupuncture and delivered naturally at 40 + 4.  My DH and I are both guessing 9/10 as the birthday which would be 40 +3.  not in a huge rush, but it is definitely hard for me to focus on ANYTHING!
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